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Hey guys,
Some of you might have already noticed that my girl Nina has a tattoo behind her ear. Well she's not the only one rocking this artform. I got one on the inner side of my lower arm (a self designed sign for friendship that is worn by me and my best friend) and a fairy on my lower back. I really am a sucker for tattoos and plan on getting some more. So i already got an appointment at the tattoo studio of my choice for december to FINALLY get my dream tattoo. The last to lines of William E. Henley's "INVICTUS" :

I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.

So, an enthusiastic person like me obviously shares the information of getting that exact tattoo on her rib cage with her closest friends. Now guys, see, that's where i made a huge mistake. I have this one friend, she's been probably one of my closest friends for 10 years now. We both have a thing for piercings and tattoo's though she doesn't have one yet. So when it comes to these things I always share information such as getting ink on my body with her. Exact same thing happened with the Invictus-tattoo that i'd been wanting for more than 18 months. And guess what?! Now SHE'S getting that damn tattoo! You're reading right. She just stole my idea and claim it to be hers. How ridiculous is that?! And she even pretends I NEVER told her anything about it when in reality at least 10 people know about it for a very long time. It really sucks to have "friends" like this. So this is where I need your help. Obviously i am not getting my dream tattoo anymore (duh!). So i wonder if any of you guys know nice quotes, poem lines etc. Anything that might inspire you and that you don't want to have tattooed on your body (of course i'm not a thief when it comes to tattoo ideas!). I'd be really glad about any creative input. Thanks a lot :)

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