Fête blanche

me (dress: Zara)

Viki (dress: ASOS)

wearing black shoes is a no-go

On our vacation-trip to Carinthia we celebrated my birthday at the "Fête Blanche", that takes place every year in summer (this year on the 22nd of july) and is a huge event with thousands of people having fun - all dressed in white. The whole city centre of Velden was closed down and you could literally dance in the rain, as it was raining heavily!
After our first stop at a party location we didn't really like, we decided to go to the "Glamour in White" Party in the Casino - which was a good decision :-), but we couldn't enjoy it for a long time. Unfortunately we had a bad sunburn - which turned out to be a sunstroke - I passed out and was feeling sick, Viki almost passed out and we had to go back to our hotel in the pouring rain without our umbrellas. Therefore were using a plastic trashbag as a rainshelter, but some drunken guys tried to take it away.
Sounds horrible, but back in the hotel we were just laughing about the whole situation :-). We had two possibilities - crying or laughing and we decided to make the best out of it.
Whenever people hear this story they think that this was our first and also last time there - but next year we want to party again there :-).

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