My home is my castle

self-made Collage - I used Advertisments and Photos from Magazines

Shop-Window-Mannequin wearing one of my old Bikinis
a special Edition Absolut-Vodka bottle used as a book end

practical photo box

Since we already shared photos of our outfits, our favourite club, our vacation etc., I thought it would be a good idea to show you some decorations of my appartement. I live in my own little flat and I love it, because I can decorate it the way I want. As you can see, I like adding small details and also holiday-photos or funny postcards to my bookshelves. I get them when I'm on a holiday, for example my thai Buddha statue. A couple of years ago my computer broke down and I couldn't save my photos - that's why I always get my photos printed out, the small photo box I got at a store called "Depot" is a good way to store them.
Now I have to get ready for tonight - wearing my Dirndl for the first time :-) hopefully somebody manages to take good pictures.

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