Hey girls, I just wanted to share my current obsession in the music world. I love Paloma Faith! Her voice, her music, her style, her beauty...EVERYTHING!


I can't resist

Pics: google.com

I actually promised myself I wouldn't buy any MAC Limited edition for the rest of the year. Well...didn't go as planned right?! :D
I just couln't help it and had to pick up one of their lipsticks from the "glitter and ice" collection. It is this absolutely stunning and gorgeous red called "What joy!" and I love it!! I think this will become my new favourite for the cold season. It is the perfect wine red, without a pink undertone...so it is not berry. It is hard to describe, I just think it looks fantastic on the lips and it has a subtle sheen to it as it is a satin finish, which I like quite much since I am all for rather matte lipsticks, I am not a lipgloss girl :-)
Another purchase I made was this absolutely incredible nailpolish from Nubar called "Indigo Illusion". It's one of their most famous colors and I can absolutely see why, it looks awesome on the nails. It has this duochrome finish which means depending on the light it looks blueish/green like the sea or purple with hints of golden glitter in it. It is soo pretty,definitely my fall color for the nails!
Next week more outiftposts, stay tuned...
xoxo V.


Let them eat cake...

Versace for H&M leggings, Orsay shirt, Nelly Clutch, F21 vest

Blazer Mexx, leggings from pieces, H&M bag, F21 jewelry

Hey guys =)
So yesterday Nina and I were in for a treat as we decided to go out for dinner. We originally planned to go to our classic spot - Freiraum - unfortunately we didn't get seats there so we ended up at Vapiano restaurant which is no less good than the other. However we had to check out 2 Vapiano restaurants until we finally got a seat. Horrible! Usually we take pictures of the food we eat but yesterday both Nina and I were starving as we both hadn't eaten all day long and so we totally forgot to take pics haha Bare with us this one time!
Anyways, Nina had pizza and mixed salad and i also had a mixed salad with prawns and noodles with wine sauce and beef...yummy! For desert both of us got the italian classic Tiramisu! Live is good i tell you, i really think that from time to time one should indulge, life's too short too always keep saving up all that money and never spend it :-)
And going out with your friend,enjoying drinks,awesome food and men-talk...what better way to spend the evening after work haha
This is what we wore yesterday, thank god we could take pictures in the restaurant as it was frrreeeeeeeeeeeeeezing outside, i should layer up even more i guess haha
Stay tuned for some more outfit pictures coming the next days!
xoxo V.



...after like forever, where I tried to get my hands on the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette, I finally got it without paying a fortune (sure, it wasn't cheap, but hey, it's pretty and I paid the normal retail price!). I ordered it with Beautybag about a month ago and sadly the package got lost on its way to my doorstep so I had to wait another 2 weeks. But it was worth the wait, the colors are so pretty and there is a reason this thing is permanently sold out. And it is perfect for travelling! :-) What can is say other than: I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Source: Google.de


Oops she did it again

The lovely Lissa stopped by at work this Tuesday and this time she caught me wearing my favourite bow tie :-)
Check out the rest of her pictures and her blog here.

Picture taken by Lissa


It is time for a Haul...

I have to make a confession...I am a shopaholic. Shocking right?! :-D
Since university started back in September I spend most of my time at home which is pretty dangerous since it means I have time to go on the Internet and check all possible Onlineshops for Make up, Clothing and whatever you can spend your money on, someone better take my credit card as I am already frightened what next months bill will be :-O Anyways...here are some things I bought recently:

Bag (Mango), Vest (F21, Kärntnerstraße), Scarf (F21)

Lee Stafford Wake up Call Hairmist, LUSH Fresh Farmacy Facesoap, MAC Ruby Woo, Misslyn Lipstick #122 (inspired by Tom Ford's Black Orchid), POP Nail glam in #34 (raw), Catrice nail polish Captain Sparrow's boat (perfect Chanel Black pearl dupe!)

Skull Hand necklace in silver, Rings in silver (all from Schmuckrausch.de), bracelets from F21

Not added here is my Versace for H&M stuff. I ordered the one pair of leggings and a necklace (though I am not sure I'll keep it). Everything else was already sold out online or out of my price range. I really loved the black leather jacket and the black dress from the collection but these 2 combinded would have cost me 450€...Next week there'll be some more outfit posts again. On Tuesday I'll have to hand in my bachelor thesis and on Wednesday there is a final big exam and then I can basically chill until christmas :-) Stay tuned...
xoxo V.


Style sensation

Hey guys!
Today I'd like to introduce the Blog STYLESENSATION from the lovely Lissa. She's from Belgium but currently lives in Vienna, Austria. I met her when she showed up at my workplace and asked for a photo because she liked my outift :-)
Her blog is about all things pretty, whether it is fashion, pastries, museums etc. and I really think she has talent!
Here are a few snapshots from her Blog, enjoy:

Fashion museum Antwerp

My hands at work haha

Pastry shop window in Vienna...yummy!!!

My outfit at work (Pants from Zara, Turtleneck sweater from H&M)

More outfits coming this Sunday, stay tuned!
xoxo V.


Glossy it is

source: google.de/ annesfashionblogg.blogspot.com

Guys!!! It has arrived! FINALLY! Yesterday I got a job interview with the responsible ones for the Glossy Box launch in Austria and during that interview I was told that official starting date is Dec 14th. The minute I got home I marked it in my calendar. I also registered for the news letter and I advise you to do so as well, from what I've heard the content of the boxes, aka the brands that work with Glossy Box, are nothing less than epic haha at least if you're a sucker for make up and beauty related stuff haha I've been following the concept for quite some time now as in America this kind of thing has been very popular for years. They have the so called Birch Box there. So what is the Glossy Box about you might ask?!
It's a box filled with nice stuff. Every month you get 5 items, samples and usually one item in original size, for the mere price of 10€. And I am not talking drugstore brands, there are some really big names working with Glossy Box like O.P.I., Clarins, Becca, Lancome, Kiehls, L'oreal professionell...the list is endless. If you ask me, 10€ is a pretty good deal and if you don't like what you get, you can always quit! I also like the fact that when ordering, you can cite preferences of what you like and stuff. If you want more information click in the Link
Oh, and I hope of course that I'll get the job, a beauty junkie like me working for a company like Glossybox...a story made in heaven haha. Wish me luck guys ;-)
xoxo V.


Current obsessions

Current obsessions

Current obsessions by vivi1989 on polyvore.com

It is probably to late to do a monthly favourites post but I just wanted to show you what I am currently obsessing about in the world of beauty :-)
I guess I am the last person on earth but I finally got my hands on MAC's "Girl about town" and boy was I stupid to wait so long to get it. This color is FIERCE.FIERCE.FIERCE. I tell you, it looks incredible, especially if you have dark hair, though I am sure it looks just as nice on Blondes! Definitely a MAC Must have. I also started using my Benefit Sugarbomb Blush again. I love it! Best Benefit blush there is in my book. Since it's getting colder by the day I also use a lot of Nivea creme on my dry skin, I just dig the smell (makes me think of babies, don't exactly know why haha) and Carmex on my lips. It's the best lip balm on the market. I also love my OPI Pamplona Purple, it is such a pretty color and I think you can wear it anytime of the year. I recently got a Mario Badescu Night creme from Beautybag and I really like how it makes my skin feel. They have a lot of awesome brands on their website and I think shipping prices are okay. You should definitely check it out! And finally my MAC primer. I basically use this everytime I go out or I know I will wear my foundation an entire day. It really works and I also think it makes application of ANY foundation so much easier. Thank you MAC! :-)
If there's anything you think I should try or review, feel free, as I already mentioned in earlier posts, I am a Beautyjunkie, so I am always on the hunt for new products...oh and before I forget it, Outfit post on the weekend!!! Stay tuned, xoxo V


Nelly High Heels Tour 2011: VIENNA

Source: www.clubinfo.tv

Source: Puls4.com

Just snapped this pic before I left: I barely wore any make-up, just a hint of Benefit's "Sugarbomb" on my cheek, Nivea Lash Revolution Mascara paired with a very thin line of MAC Fluidline Gel eyeline and on my lips "Girl About town" from Mac which is my current favourite :-)

source: Puls4.com

source: oe4.com

source: oe4.com
Vodka cranberry and our goodie bags filled with nice stuff

Last night Nina and me attended the Nelly "High Heels tour" party at the Box/Hilton Vienna. We were among the lucky ones who got to choose a pair of shoes from the new collection that isn't even out yet. I can't wait to have the shoes sent to me :-)
As per usual, many people at the party were dressed as if they attend a prom night which I always find funny since being "fashionable" for me doesn't have anything to do with wearing glittery, over the top clothes, tons of make up and as much jewelry as one can wear...for me it's about wearing what you love, what you feel most comfortable in and staying true to yourself. I just wore a white men's shirt, a skirt from Zara and my favourite simple black ankle boots. The only thing that probably stood out were my bold pink lips. Right now I am so in love with MAC's Girl about town lipstick, I think it looks perfect with dark brown hair. SWOON!
Anyways, the party was okay, not as many people as expected and I also had to leave early because I have to write on my bachelor thesis, it is due on november 22nd and I am not as far as I would like to be :-) Therefore the lack of outfit posts. I promise it'll be better once my work is handed in! xoxo V


Halloween Evidence

Just wanted to quickly share with you some pics of Halloween. As Nina already mentioned, we weren't the most creative ones with our costumes, but hey...at least we didn't run around like sluts, like all other girls did. I don't know what it is that all of a sudden on Halloween all girls feel the need to free their inner slut :-D Anyways, pics were taken with my phone, so the lack of quality and somehow we were unable to get full body pictures haha Nina was dressed as devil and I pretended to be a Barney Stinson/Johnny English/James Bond something ;-D
There you go....



I love reading. Wheter its fashion magazines, history books (guess I got that from my grandpa ha!), Romances, Thrillers, Cookbooks...I just enjoy reading. If I'm really into a book, I might as well read it within a mere 2 days (Like Dan Brown's books)! I also love photography books, mostly about architecture and interior design. My amazon wishlist is about 9 pages long filled with books I am longing to buy and read in the near future. Unfortunately, I am so caught up with work and university stuff right now, I can't find a single minute to really sit down and enjoy a good book. This 2 books featured here are among my favourites within the fashion/lifestyle genre. I really recommend Derek Blasberg's "Classy". It is very entertainingly written and besides the obvious tips (Must haves for a lady's wardrobe etc.) it really has some useful stuff in it on what to wear when travelling and what to carry in your handluggage, how to throw different types of parties and how to break the ice when you're at an event where you barely know somebody!
"The goddess experience" on the other hand conntains a list of things everyone can do/enjoy in their lifes to feel like a queen. Or a goddess :-) It is beautifully illustrated and I find many of the tips inside very useful and they remind me of how important it is at times to just take care of yourself, treat yourself and how to enjoy the simple things in life. It definitely is a fun read!


Favourite perfumes

Favourite perfumes

I'd thought I share my current favourites of the perfume world with you...actually, Glow by J.Lo isn't only a current favourite. I've been head over heels in love with it ever since it came out it 2003. It's is THE perfect scent. And so much better than the typical utterly sweet and cheap smelling celebrity perfumes that are out there. When I think of a ideal perfume for daytime, I think of something that smells fresh,clean,not overbearing,almost as if I'm not wearing any perfume at all but just smell like I came straight out the shower. Glow does exactly that. It is so subtle that people almost tend to ask what soap you use because you smell so fresh and clean. And that's exactly what I want for daytime. Escadas "Absolutely me" on the other hand is a kind of sweet scent. But not the same kind of sweet as named celebrity perfumes. I am really bad at describing scents,all I know is, is that I absolutely love this smell for nights out as it is sweet but somehow still fresh and it definitely doesn't smell like anything else out there and I like the thought of going out and knowing that chances that somebody else has the same perfume are almost non-existent as I guess it is not as popular as Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Chanel etc. scents :-)