Frequency Festival 2011: I'm packing...

I really tried to narrow it down to these items...for a beauty junkie like me,that is NOTHING :D

No Festival without my beloved Led Zeppelin Sweater...one of my best investments so far :)

Hey guys,
in less than 12 hours I am on a mission to "free Quency!" :D I am super excited since it's been a while since I've been to a music festival since my work and learning schedule never allowed me to attend one in the last years. Like many girls I always take way to much stuff with me when going on vacation but when it comes to music festivals less is ALWAYS more. Here's what I've packed so far, things that I consider essential when you go to any sort of festival... :

- Eye make up remover (since I cannot live without any sort of make up..or let's say I don't WANT to, ha!)
- Concealer Palette
- Sun Screen (essential when it will be hot and sunny)
- Face cleansing wipes
- Face cream (I usually use moisturizer made for babies)
- small toothpaste and my toothbrush in a Daisy Duck container (got it at H&M)
- minimalistic make-up (Foundation, Korres lip balm, mascara, Barry M eyeliner, MAC Club eyeshadow    which is my favourite, MAC Russian Red lipstick, UD primer potion and eyebrow pencils)
- small hairshampoo, shower gel and hand sanitizer (and yes i DO shower at festivals!)
- disposable camera
- plastic rain coat
- Ray Ban sunnies (duh!)
- vitamin pills and plaster (a friends whos a nurse is bringing pills for headache-very useful!)
- flashlight and batteries
- sweatshirt
- Body splash in Lime&Coconut from H&M

Wish me a nice trip and stay tuned for pictures,


  1. I'd also been on a festival, I came back on monday ... and I'm really sad about beeing again back in Germany
    Do you know the SZIGET festival (10 days) on an island in budapest? Biggest festival in Europe with round about 400.00 to 500.00 visitors

    Have a look on my blog if you like :-)

  2. the sziget festival sounds great! i'm the complete opposite of viki concerning festivals - i've never been to one, but next year i want to go to the balaton sound festival :-)! this year i unfortunately missed the date.

  3. Hey Tamina, funny you mention Sziget Festival. My friends and me decided that we want to pay a visit to either Reading Festival or Sziget next year. But its more likely Sziget as it is closer to Vienna :)