Party Party Party

Just a quick shot from a recent night out. Really sorry for the lack of posts but Nina and I are just so busy right now! I promise I'll make up to it as soon as May 30th is over (and I SUCCESSFULLY passed that damn frikkin' exam!)

Love, V.




 Since I am all caught up with learning right now I have almost no time to shoot outfit pictures and stuff...almost! Tonight is my first day off from learning and university stuff in what feels like ages to me!!!

I am super excited for tonight. Nina and I finally reunited and going out again :-)
Got my nails done, working on my hair, rocking a new outfit...jeez I feel like a kid on christmas right now hehe

I hope you alle have an equally great saturday!
Lots ot Love, V.


On my Wishlist...so far

So as I have no outfitpics to post nor have the time to shoot new ones,
 I can only provide my current wishlist :-)

So here are the things I am craving right now....

Jacket, Blouse, Shorts: all from Zara.com

Sweater, Dresses: all Cheap Monday via Asos.de

All from Nelly.de

So there you go, these are the things I wish I'd have in my closet. What are u currently wishing for?

Happy Week,


Manic Monday

Bildunterschrift hinzuf├╝gen
There it is, the weekly dosis of inspiration :) Love these pictures!
Sorry for the lack of posts, it's just that I am currently in the midst of a learning marathon for the biggest exam of my life so far to get my Bachelor's degree. And Nina is also very busy with university stuff. So please excuse us this month, we won't be able to keep up the usual posting pace. However, fingers crossed I positively pass my exam on May 30th, you can be sure to except tons of pictures after that because then I'll start another marathon....a PARTY marathon. Nina and I use to call these Legenthons. You know, because they're always legend....WAIT FOR IT....dary :-D

Happy Monday everyone,
xx V.


Orly: Feel the Vibe

source: google.com
So I did it. Couldn't help it! Couldn't resist! I've been lusting for the Orly Feel the Vibe collection ever since I first heard of it and it didn't help that as of now I am completely and utterly obsessed with neon nail polish. And it also didn't help that everyone who got a hold of any of the colors was raving about it. So there you go: I JUST HAD TO BUY THEM! Luckily for me, as I couldn't decide for just one color and didn't want to spent a fortune, I got a package with all 4 of them, just that the bottles are smaller. However, for a nailpolish addict like me this isn't a big deal and actually a good thing as I have so many nailpolishes that they might would have dried out anyways, I mean lets face it, you can only wear them during summertime. Like usual, I got the polishes via Beautybag, they now permamently ship worldwide for free!
Oh boy, I can't wait to finally have them though I already know I'll get in trouble cuz I won't be able do decide which one to put on first haha

Love, V.