Party Rock Vienna

We love our Cosmopolitan :-)

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Yippie Yippie Yeah what a fantastic weekend guys! My presentation for my bachelor thesis went smooth and Saturday evening Nina and I were out for drinks in one of our favourite Clubs - Platzhirsch. And guess what?! We saw Mc Dreamy, I swear. The guy we discovered was perfect from head to toe and he had this effortless coolness going on...swoon! Too bad he ended up talking to another girl...you know, thats always how it goes, you think about how to approach a guy and it takes you so long that someone else gets a shot...DAMMIT!! Anyways, it was a fun night with lovely drinks and good music and I was just glad I finally go to go out and dance after those stressful last weeks. It's not that I don't like Germany - God forbid! - and my internship is pretty cool too, but everytime I leave Vienna now it gets harder. I just love wandering trough the city, sleeping in MY bed (let's be honest, nothing's like sleeping in your own bed!) and just have all my stuff around me and not living out of a suitcase/my sisters closet. And brrrrrr it is so cold! If only the sun would shine...makes me all the more ambitious in planning my summer holidays. So far I've got Fete Blanche in Velden on my list and today me and my bestie added Barcelona. Sounds pretty solid to me :-) Maybe we'll add a music festival later on this year...you'll never know. What about you guys? Any plans for summer as of now?
Stay tuned for more outfits coming your way this week, love V.


I wish

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So these are my current favourites on my wishlist...beauty-wise :-)
Even though I have my all time favourites in terms of perfume that I really identify with and feel like they represent me (I'll talk about it in another post) there is always room for new scents right?! I mean it is not like a girl could have too many perfumes LoL So I really like Jimmy Choos new fragrance (think it is the brands first as well). It perfectly lingers on your skin and makes you feel like your just smelling good without having any chemicals on. I am very picky when it comes to scents, I prefer smells that make you think you just stepped out the shower or are just "naturally" smelling good. If that makes any sense?! So the next one, Prada's "Candy" is a rare exception. There is just something about it that intrigues me, maybe it is my love for caramel? Next on my list is my all time favourite - and best in my book - mascara, Lancome's Virtuose. It is the only mascara, when applied, I get asked if I am wearing fake lashes without wearing fakes! I swear! Unfortunately it is really expensive so I might just use up those mascaras I have right now and MAYBE indulge and buy it later. Next on is PINK nail polish. I don't know but as of now i am really drawn to all sorts of light pink, bubblegum, baby pink...you name it! So it comes as no wonder I'd love to have Chanels "May" from their Spring collection and O.P.I.s "Pink Friday" from their Nicki Minaj Collection. Since OPI is cheaper i think i'll skip the Chanel one. As long as I get my nails pink hehe
Finally on my list is Benefits "Bella Bamba" Blush which I think is perfect for spring and perfect for rather pale skin. I love Benefit blushes (Sugar Bomb is my all time fave blush!) and their packaging is too cute. Also the product lasts forever & is top quality. And then there's Lush's "Big" shampoo. Don't ask me why but recently I am on a volume trip, which means my hair can never have enough of it. I never really realized but having lots of hair (like I do) doesn't equal having volume. This shampoo has really good reviews in terms of shine, smoothness and volume so I think I'll give it a try as i love Lush Hair products.
What do you guys currently have on your wishlist?
xoxo V.


The Green Lantern

Skirt, Bag (Zara), Shoes (Pieces), Tights (Asos), Blouse (H&M), Sunglasses (Ray Ban), Scarf (Primark)

I absolutely love this skirt...a purchase during color blocking season and so totally worth it. It pimps every outfit, and looks best when paired with one single other color, like black or white. And best thing of all, the skirt was supercheap :-)
Shot this pictures on Sunday and you cannot see in the pictures but it was actually raining and somehow the sun still managed to come through a bit! Classical April weather what we would call it, but hey, no problem with that if it means May-weather is just around the corner LOL
So this week is superbusy, lost of work and I also have to finish my "disposition" for my second bachelor thesis before friday and I just started today...aaaaahhhh recently laziness is my second name. I just find it really hard after 3 pretty tough months at university to still motivate myself to do anything. Fingers crossed I'll finish on thursday. This weekend I'll fly back to Vienna (again) to present the Disposition at the University. I decided to stay a day longer until Sunday so that Nina and I can go out, something I am in desperate need for, all the working and sleeping got me longing for a night full of cocktails and booty shakin' HAHA
I hope y'all have a wonderful and relaxing week and better weather than I have here.
Love V.


Tattoo Love - Part 3

Hey guys :-)
After I've already shown you my newest tattoo back in October I thought why not showing you the rest of them?! So here they are. The fairy on the first 2 pictures was my second tattoo. It sits on my lower back.I love it. I love fairies, they have this mystique and innocence going on and I think they are just supercute. I know there are all sorts of people who think that a tattoo must have a super special, philosophical meaning but I just think you really need to love it no matter what you get. I mean, that fairy probably doesn't have a super deep meaning, but it just reminds of a very special time in my life and for me that was enough to get it. My first tattoo ever on the other side does have a very special deeper meaning to me, it is a self designed sign for friendship that me and my bestie, Ines, basically painted when we were 14 and back then we decided that once we're 18 and still best friends we'll get that tattoo (and NO! it is no chinese/japanese sign for anything HA!). And here we are today, more than 10 years after we first met and we're still close friends and I love her to death! She's wearing that same exact tattoo also on her wrist.
My third tattoo I already posted here. Its a pink bow between my hips. I am currently thinking about getting another - loooong wanted tattoo - talked about it here. Anyways, I do really love tattoos though I would never get something really big or extremely colorful. In my mind I limited myself to 5 tattoos. I know there are a lot of people who think tattoos are ugly and cheap (even my own sis) and I respect that. I myself think it is an art form and a thing of personal preference. For me it depends on what you get, where you get it and MOST IMPORTANTLY how you wear it :-)


It's raining men...

....if only! I could really use a man right now HA! Oh my I am so beyond tired right now. Apparently public transport effin' hates me these days. Missed my train for work beginning of the week, missed my train home because the tram had technical issues, almost missed my flight to Vienna on Wednesday because there was an accident and no trains were going, flight back to Hannover had 70 minutes delay because of the weather...yikes!!! For me this means I am totally stressed out and lack of sleep like reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad!  I almost fall asleep typing this ^^ Anyways. Guys I so miss Vienna. I never even realized what an awesome, beautiful, cool city it is. I guess sometimes one needs to be away to realize there's no place like home. Oh how i miss my bed, my sofa, how I'd love to stroll through the city on weekends, grab a burger from Mc Donalds or go for a cup of coffee...not really possible where I live now....On the bright side, only 54 more days of work aka my Real Estate project management internship! I already have a list of things i need to do asap I am back living in Vienna :-)
Stay tuned, xoxo V.

Ps.: Pictures taken by my 10 y.o. brother, thank god he didn't let that camera fall :-O


Manic Monday

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Monday...UGH!...why do they always have to be so far away from fridays?! Or why do weekends have to be so short? Anyways, another week of work work work ahead, presentation at work, exam at university, flying around. Could be worse, could be better. Right now I am sooooo in the mood to just fly to the airport, grab my credit card and buy a ticket to god knows where (preferably Barbados or Bali hehe). I'm sure some of you - if not all - know that feeling! So now I have to get ready for work. I wish you all a nice week that passes quickly until it's "TGIF" :-D
xoxo V.


Beautiful Day

Blouse & Skirt (F21), Shoes (Pieces), Bow-tie (Asos), Nerd glasses (lovely sister), Lipstick (MAC Russian Red)

Wooooow...yesterday was magic in terms of the weather. It totally felt like a nice slightly warmer day in spring. I went for a stroll with my sister and I didn't even need a jacket, it was a bit cold when the wind blew but apart from that it was warm. I swear, I totally felt the warm sun rays on my skin. I instantly heard U2's "Beautiful Day" in my mind and my mood changed in a heartbeat. Last week I started my internship and to be honest in was very stressful, getting up at 5.30 every morning and never be home from work earlier than 7 p.m. The nice weather was exactly what I needed to lift my mind :-) Now if only all those weather forecasts wouldn't talk about how bad the weather will get the next days....I WANT SPRING. NOW!!!
Then again....got an exam on thursday and loads of work...so maybe I should just ignore the bad weather. Dunno?! What are you guys up to this week? And what's the weather like where you live?
xoxo V.


Love Lockdown

So this is what you end up with when you want to buy a one piece pyjama (yes i know babies usually wear that...but c'mon,they're super hyper unbelievably comfy!!!)....KANYE WEST! I am so believing in destiny and I am sure I was meant to buy that shirt. The other day i missed my train (fate anyone?!) so I decided to go to Primark to get this one-piece thing and what happened? They no more sold them...what the heck is up with u guys at Primark?!!!! So just when I wanted to leave the shop, all heart-broken about missing out on a great purchase, i basically ran into this shirt. Saw it. Ka BOOM. Loved it. Grabbed it. Bought it. Just as simple as that. I love Kanye. That guy is crazy as hell and the epitome of egonmaniac but who cares?! I am sure you only survive in that business when you're kind of nuts...so kudos to you Kanye =) And thanks for making such a great shirt, I am sure our relationship will continue for a while so except to see that shirt more often! So, now I have to finish a paper for university! xoxo Chicas, love V.


Manic Monday

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Germanyyyy....guys I am back in Germany. Not really sure though if i should be excited or not. Don't get me wrong, I like Germany. And I also like being with my family...it's just, nothing feels like home you know :-)
I just love Vienna, it's an awesome city, I know it very well, I know people here, I can't really say that for Germany. Only people I know there are the ones from my family aka my mum and my sisters and brothers. I am staying for the next couple of months so I find it a bit depressing that I can't really go out party or whatevs because I don't really know anyone my age (closest to that is my sis which is 17 *cough* I am *cough* 22 *cough* haha). Tomorrow starts my internship and I am really excited and nervous what's about to come. I just hope that I won't make a fool out of myself and that people are nice :-)
The pictures above kind of represent my feelings at the moment or more certain the mood i want to get into...you know, feeling kinda like a free spirit, just doing things without analysing or thinking beforehand (mayne a new bright haircolor? a new tattoo?), just enjoying little things in life and be more laid back and relaxed as the last months were pretty intense and stressful (thank u university!!!). I just can't wait for summer to come...xoxo V.