Into the wild

Wearing Primark Fake Fur hat, Pieces Boots, Gina Tricot Leggings and Shirt and my beloved Trish Summerville for H&M Hoodie

My gorgeous sister...I had to do her make-up :-)
Finally some outiftpictures again :-)
Still do not have my new camera, got it with the wrong camera lens, hopefully I'll get it within the next 2 days and then I'll be able to make better pictures. Anyways, we shot this pics and thought we would freeze to death but it was actually kinda warm...at least for this time of the year haha Now that Christmas is over, I don't need anymore snow, hope winter stays ways for at least the next 11 months (fingers crossed). Right now I am superbusy with planning my 3 month internship in Hanover and my new years eve party with Nina. And I still do NOT know what to wear on that occasion. I want it to be special but still something I can wear at other times too, hope my shopping trip tomorrow will be successful. Wish me luck :-)
xoxo V.


Hello Kitty

I know this has nothing to do with fashion or beauty but I just had to share this picture. I am currently at my family's house in Germany and recently my mom got a new kitty - Garfield - and he is just too cute! :-)
I was reading some interior design magazines when he sat down at the top of the chair and fell asleep, makes me want to have a cat of my own hehe

isn't he adorable? And soooo small. xoxo V.



Winter Beauty

Source: Google.com

Winter is finally upon us. The last weeks, weather was constantly changing. There were days, so warm I wore a thin jacket and then were days were I would put layer over layer and still almost froze to death. So here in Germany, unfortunately we're not blessed with snow but rain instead. Don't really know what to think about that. I am not typically a winter person but aroung Christmas I think it would be nice to actually have some snow, especially on Christmas eve! Anyways, here are some things I am currently using as Winter usually makes my skin and hair feel horrible!
The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist: As you may know, I have rather oily skin but somehow, during wintertime my skin manages to be oily and dry at the same time. Isn't that wonderful?! So whenever I feel like my skin could use a bit of moisture, I use this spritz! It smells a bit like roses I think and I really like it. As I will be flying a lot in the next weeks, I am definitely keeping this in my hand luggage as the air on airplanes makes my skin look horrible!
LUSH Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease Hair mask: I really love this stuff though I am not to keen on the smell that - if you ask me - lingers on your hair for several days even if you wash it in between. It is supposed to help dry and even damaged hair and it really does a great job at keeping your hair looking healthy, SUPERshiny and most of all feeling soft! If only the smell was better...
LUSH Lemony Flutter cuticle cream: I guess everyone knows this by now. Works for all utterly dry patches on your skin but most perfectly for dry cuticles. I swear by this! And who doesn't like the taste of lemons? Only downside is, that it is veeeery expensive for my liking!
MAC Prep&Prime Lip: I love everything Mac prep & prime so it comes as no wonder I recently decided to try out their lip primer as I felt that I needed something as a base for my lipstick, because even though I use my carmex like crazy, my lips look always dry. And as you know, I love wearing bold, bright lipstick but it just doesn't look good on dry lips! I think this primer does its job though I guess I might look for a cheaper alternative as I am not blown away by this.
MAC Russian Red lipstick: All time favourite red, perfect matte shade that is not too drying. Best Red color by Mac in my book. No wonder I already used up 3 of these :-) I will be constantly wearing this during the holidays, for sure!
I hope I'll be able to post some outfit pictures the next days. Unfortunately my camera broke >.< But a new one is already on its way and hopefully arrives before xmas. Stay tuned
xoxo V.


I am a maniac

Zara Fake Fur Coat, Vintage shoes, MCM Vintage Bag and of course a lovely face :-)
Nubar "Indigo Illusion" & Essence "Hello Holo"

You guys won't believe what happened...I literally forgot all my clothes at home. So right now I am left with my cheap monday sweater, a blouse, my black sweater from yesterday's post plus striped blouse and sweatpants for sleeping and undergarments for almost 2 weeks!!! INSANITY! my suitcase was stuffed with presents for my sisters and brothers (got 2 of each so loads of presents haha) so i just threw in named things and then made two "packages" of clothes. One for the things i leave in vienna and one for the clothes i intended to bring with me. And what happened? Stupid me left them lying on the couch. So tomorrow I have to go shopping to Hanover or else I am naked around christmas night 'cause i am all out of clothes haha THANK GOD there's a Primark and Gina Tricot store so I won't have to spend all my money on clothing as I want to buy a new camera :-)
My outfit here: Cheap Monday Sweater, Mens blouse, Grey pants from my sis (the only ones that fit me hehe) and some black high heels. Oh, and of course my lovely golden clutch from Nelly!
Tomorrow, Nina will do her Manic Monday post, I can't wait to see what she's coming up with this time :-)
Stay tuned, have a nice week and only 6 more days until christmas!!!
xoxo V.


Germany Germany Germany

My model sister Tabea...she is the prettiest!


And the smallest...she is the cutest thing on earth!!! I looove her :-)

Hey guys...I am off to Germany. Near Hannover to be exact!
My family lives there since 2007 and this is the first time in months I get to see my sisters and brothers!
The journey was one hell of a journey, not the nicest flight honestly and I had sooo much luggage to bring with me, I took more presents with me than clothing! Guess I need to go shopping here in Hanover. Gina Tricot, Primark...prepare yourself haha
So my sis took my pictures and they were eager to have their pics taken as well...so now you get a glimpse of my absolutely stunning and lovely sisters. I love them to death!
Stay tuned for more pictures ahead....xoxo V.


Magical Vienna

Vapiano lunch: Salad, Tomato Soup and Arizona Blueberry White ice tea yum yum
Fresh tomatosoup with croutons
Mixed salad with vegetables, Parmesan cheese and grilled beef (Balsamico dressing)
Delicious Vapiano Tiramisu
Nina outside in the rain
Pics: Samsung Galaxy
So many Christmas lights

So today Nina and I spent our last day together before X-mas as I am leaving for Germany on Saturday. My family lives near Hannover, more than 4 years now. So we decided to get some super delicious food at the Vapiano restaurant. You guys probably know right now that Nina and I just love food, we love eating haha. So we both had a big bowl of salad (Nina took chicken breast instead of beef) and desert. It was heavenly. Though I was so hungry, I probably would've been happy with anything I got served haha
Afterwards we were strolling through the city center. Vienna is such a magical time around christmas. I could never be in another place in the world during this time! Everywhere this pretty christmas lights, tourists taking pictures, trees for sale (who smelled lovely btw)...I just love it! The only thing missing this year was the snow, instead it was raining which really doesn't help getting in a christmas mood! What are you guys up to this christmas and do you already have all the presents or are you going for last minute shopping :-D
Tomorrow Nina posts some more detailed pictures of our outifts from today.
Stay tuned, xoxo V.


The girl with the dragon tattoo

Yes, the hype has finally caught me...after months that I've been dying to read the books but never had the time I bought all three of them today. I hope I'll can read them all during christmas holidays. I know there's a movie coming out these days but I usually prefer the books to the movies so I don't know if I am going to see this one. I also got 2 pieces from the Trish Summerville Collection to the movie. I looove the jeans/leather jacket and the Hoodie ist just perfection! I've been looking for quite some time to find the perfect Hoodie and had my eyes on one from American Apparel but I was not willing to pay more than 50 bucks and the H&M one only cost me 25€. It is supercozy and the hooded zipper, just so cool! X-mas money well spent I would say :-)

Ps.: Did I mention that the lovely lady at the H&M store packed my stuff in one of these huge yellow/pink "Versace for H&M" bags...not too shabby to walk home with haha
Stay tuned, xoxo V.


Xmas Nails

So apparently this is what happens when I am actually supposed to learn:

I know it is blurry but this is how the glitter looks like when it is hit by lights

So right now I should learn for my upcoming Exportmanagement exam on Tuesday but my motivation level is below zero I guess. I don't know, it is christmas in 2 weeks, why do university exams always have to be around this time?! So unfair if you ask me! Anyways, thank god I am very quickly at learning and hopefully motivation will find its way back to me sometime in the afternoon haha
So instead i painted my nails: I wear H&M "Gold" Nailpolish which is BY FAR my favourite gold as it is suuuupereasy to apply and dries very quickly. On top of that is Essence's "Hello Holo" and on top of that is Essence's "Make it golden"...talk about layering haha :D
What do you guys wish for this Christmas? And have you bought all presents already? Have a nice weekend y'all
xoxo V.


Recent purchases

Pictures zara. com and google.com

Since Christmas is coming up and i received my christmas money with my last paycheck i indulged a bit and went on a shopping spree this week :-)
Ever since i recognized them, i've been wanting to buy one of these yankee candles. First, because they smell incredible and second, because they look so lovely. I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I saw one of my favourites - smell wise - Vanilla cupcake on sale this week. It was destiny! I had to buy it! I also got myself 2 dresses from Zara though i am not completely sure about the left one. Unfortunately, compared to a model, my height is like that of a troll, so the dress is way to long for me. But since I like the detailing aroung the shoulders and the shape of the dress i think i'll keep it and just shorten it! I also got this small furry ball that you can attach to any bag you like. It is like the cutest thing on earth and ever since i have it on my bag i keep squeezing it haha Then i went to bodyshop and got myself their famous banana conditioner which smells heavenly. I really like how it works for my hair and how the smell lingers on the hair a little while after you washed it. I think it might replace my all time favourite - Lush's Retread conditioner - at least for now! And lastly i got myself the Cocoa Body Butter which smells sooooo good you guys, i am going nuts over the smell. Best part is that the smell lingers on you a great part of the day. My bodyskin gets usually extremely dry during winter time and i just wanted something to nourish it and i think that body butter works pretty well so far :-)
Tomorrow Nina will post some outfit pics from our trip to the Spittelberg christmas market, so stay tuned!
xoxo V.


Skin Care Routine: Combination and Acne prone skin

Source: Google.com

Hey guys, I thought I'd share with you the products I use for my skin care and to deal with acne. First off, all these products are what works for me, I cannot assure you that they will work for everbody else. If you really have problematic skin I always recommend consulting a dermatologist what I also did last summer as my acne has gotten reeeeeeeallly bad. She prescribed me some different birth control pills as I was clearly suffering from hormonic acne and the fact that I have rather oily skin in my T-Zone wasn't helping either. The products I use might seem a lot though I only use 3 of them daily (less is more, even with oily skin!!!) and the rest occasionally. They are as followed:
Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer for Combination Skin: I started using this recently and I absolutely love it. It is supposed to mattify your skin but at the same time keep it from looking dull and gives your skin a nice healthy glow and makes it feel very soft.
La Roche Posay Effaclar H Gentle Cleansing Foam: My dermatologist prescribed this to me last summer as my skin was completely damaged from all the harsh drugstore products I used. It is meant for oily skin that has been harmed from overdrying products. As my Lush Fresh Farmacy soap that i use in the mornings is a bit drying, I use this cleansing foam every night and I really like it.
Lush Fresh Farmacy soap is my go to, holy grail face product. I would never ever use another cleanser to treat acne. It works miracles and I totally swear by it. Just 2 days after I started using this my skin looked so much better and clearer. It has sanitizing and soothing ingredients that are perfect for problematic skin. I recommend using a nourishing moisturizer though as it can be a bit drying.
The Body Shop seaweed exfoliator: As someone who has combination skin and rather large pores, the occasional facial scrub is a must.  I really feel that this one gets out all the dirt and dead scells from my pores and really leaves you with a glowing fresh skin. I sometimes use it when I take a shower.
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: Those of you who watch youtube beauty videos regularly probably already know this one as it is very popular in the beauty community. What can I say, it is cheap and it works. Best Facial mask there is in my book!
Nivea Clear-up strips for clogged pores also work miracles and I use them regularly, saying every 8-10 days.

So that's it. My skin care routine. Let me know what you use for your skin or if you also like some of the products I've mentioned! Stay tuned for some outfit pictures within the next days...
xoxo V.


Cosmopolitan Supernova

Fav Cosmos @ Rochus Bar
Zara Fake Fur Coat, ASOS Tights, ASOS Boots, Mango Quilted Leather Bag
H&M Dress, F21 Clutch
Nivea vendor @ Platzhirsch club, Dress F21
Champaign @ Platzhirsch Club

So last thursday it was on :-D First off, we started the night with food and the most delicious Cosmopolitan cocktails in entire Vienna at the Rochus Bar/Restaurant. We really love Cosmos and there they are the right amount of sweet, sour and spirituous haha Afterwards we went to one of our favourite Clubs, Platzhirsch. We got a free glass of champaign as we were already there before 11pm. I was really surprised how many incredibly handsome bartenders there are and I really can't understand why I never noticed it before?! Anyways, we had a fun night of talking about boys, dancing, drinking fancy stuff and laughing. The only thing that bothered us, was the fact that there were so many "young" guys at the club last thursday. It was like a class outing, almost everyone looked like a teen, made me feel really old haha :-D
This week is filled with exams, at least for me, Nina can still relax a little longer and on thursday we'll be out for punch again, this time at the Spittelberg Christmas market. So stay tuned for more outfit pictures coming at you ;-)
xoxo V.


We heart Photobooth

Everytime we visit the Pratersauna club in Vienna we end up taking pictures in the photobooth at least once. It is very popular and as of now Nina and I can't count anymore how many picture strips we have already, it it just too funny taking these pics haha I swear to good, if I'd have such a machine at home, I would spend an entire day in it taking all sorts of photos LOL
What about you? Have you ever been in the photobooth at Pratersauna? Or have you ever taken photobooth pictures elsewhere?



Hey girls, I just wanted to share my current obsession in the music world. I love Paloma Faith! Her voice, her music, her style, her beauty...EVERYTHING!


I can't resist

Pics: google.com

I actually promised myself I wouldn't buy any MAC Limited edition for the rest of the year. Well...didn't go as planned right?! :D
I just couln't help it and had to pick up one of their lipsticks from the "glitter and ice" collection. It is this absolutely stunning and gorgeous red called "What joy!" and I love it!! I think this will become my new favourite for the cold season. It is the perfect wine red, without a pink undertone...so it is not berry. It is hard to describe, I just think it looks fantastic on the lips and it has a subtle sheen to it as it is a satin finish, which I like quite much since I am all for rather matte lipsticks, I am not a lipgloss girl :-)
Another purchase I made was this absolutely incredible nailpolish from Nubar called "Indigo Illusion". It's one of their most famous colors and I can absolutely see why, it looks awesome on the nails. It has this duochrome finish which means depending on the light it looks blueish/green like the sea or purple with hints of golden glitter in it. It is soo pretty,definitely my fall color for the nails!
Next week more outiftposts, stay tuned...
xoxo V.


Let them eat cake...

Versace for H&M leggings, Orsay shirt, Nelly Clutch, F21 vest

Blazer Mexx, leggings from pieces, H&M bag, F21 jewelry

Hey guys =)
So yesterday Nina and I were in for a treat as we decided to go out for dinner. We originally planned to go to our classic spot - Freiraum - unfortunately we didn't get seats there so we ended up at Vapiano restaurant which is no less good than the other. However we had to check out 2 Vapiano restaurants until we finally got a seat. Horrible! Usually we take pictures of the food we eat but yesterday both Nina and I were starving as we both hadn't eaten all day long and so we totally forgot to take pics haha Bare with us this one time!
Anyways, Nina had pizza and mixed salad and i also had a mixed salad with prawns and noodles with wine sauce and beef...yummy! For desert both of us got the italian classic Tiramisu! Live is good i tell you, i really think that from time to time one should indulge, life's too short too always keep saving up all that money and never spend it :-)
And going out with your friend,enjoying drinks,awesome food and men-talk...what better way to spend the evening after work haha
This is what we wore yesterday, thank god we could take pictures in the restaurant as it was frrreeeeeeeeeeeeeezing outside, i should layer up even more i guess haha
Stay tuned for some more outfit pictures coming the next days!
xoxo V.