The Skirt

Yes, I have that skirt too. For quite some time actually, bought it still in 2011. But I never could make up my mind how to wear it. I didn't want to match it with one of my flower blouses just yet as I somewhat recently paired my F21 leather skirt with them. I thought I wanted to make it an all black or black/white outfit. And so it was a no-brainer when I discovered my black knitted turtleneck sweater :-)
I love that this entire outfit is practically from H&M, except for the bag and shoes. Even the sunglasses are from H&M though I "stole" them from my sisters closet (don't tell her haha).
I just love black. I think you can do now wrong with an all black outfit, it is classic and clean. I also love to match it with red lips. Anyhow, I just love this skirt - and from what I've seen so far the bloggersphere does too - and you guys can expect to see it a lot more :-) Right now I am searching for a mint sweater or blouse to combine the skirt with. Saturday girls, saturday I'll be throwing away some cash...gotta feed some of those urges haha Gosh, I definitely one day need a job where I earn loads of money to deal with my shopping addiction haha Or someone better take my credit card LOL
Lovely week Ladies, xoxo V.

Ps.: How awesome is it actually to now have more than 100 Readers! We LOVE you!


Sunshine State of Mind

Laaaadies, do the sundance! Spring has finally arrived, yaaaayyy :-)
I was so over the moon on Sunday, as soon as the sun came out I grabbed my brothers and sisters and took a stroll. Always with me my camera! Got a few cute snapshot of the kids and they tried to get some of me hehe Result is what u see here. Anyways, I am also finally healthy again. Viktoria 1, Flu 0 haha This also means that I am back for work. As far as I know 22 workdays to go until I am back in Vienna. Somehow I am happy but then again I am a bit sad to leave my mum and the kids. Even though they can be pretty annoying at times, all they need is to smile at me and all is forgotten. I guess those of you that have sisters and brothers know what I am talking about! I so hope that I will finish my bachelor thesis before Saturday. If so, I'll go on one humongous shopping spree I tell ya! I swear I know the stuff from every onlineshop there is by heart...Zara,Mango, H&M, Asos...you name it! Can't wait to spend some of my hard earned money :-)
Have a lovely day girls.
xoxo V.


Versatile Blogger Award

pic from here

Hey guys, something great happened the other day. We've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award...twice! How cool is that. Especially since Nina and I said from the beginning we want this Blog to be about all things us and what we love and not just fashion. So this really means a lot to us and that our effort actually works out haha
So now the "rules" of this awards suggest that we also award 15 other Blogs of choice and then tell 7 things about us. So first things first, the Blogs we want to award are:

Then follows seven things about us:
1) Nina and I went to school together for 7 years. And  now we're even going to the same university.
2) Nina has one older sister and I have 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers (I know, big family)
3) Nina and I spend so much time together that we sometimes even finish the other's sentence or think the exact same thing at the exact same time (We're working on that eye communication thing from How I met your mother LOL)
4) Nina and I rarely drink alcohol when we're out partying. We actually drink a lot of water (how NERDY!)
5) We decided to write a book about our dating experiences. You wouldn't believe the funny, strange and outrageous things that happened to us so far!
6) We create own names for people around us, kind of like nicknames. So that we can talk about them without anyone noticing haha
7) We both had the most outrageous sunburn last year, where we were totally swollen and could barely move and while others might cry, we made jokes about ourselves and laughed the whole time - though even that hurt hehe

Thanks so much for the support!
Love, Nina & Viktoria


Spring is all around

 Yay, it looks like Sping has finally hit North Germany :-) Still windy though...but who cares as look as it is not freezing cold!? I think I might take a stroll this afternoon to catch the first sunrays! I know should stay at home and keep writing on my bachelor thesis, but hey, girl gotta set some priorities, even if that sometimes means to take a break from your actual break hehe Not that I am master of distraction anyways, you know, I ALWAYS find better things to do that what I am actually supposed to do...whether it is painting my nails, surf the internet, curl my hair...u name it hehe I am superexcited for the next weeks, in 4 weeks time I'll be back home in my beloved Vienna. Until then work, shopping, work, sleeping and until next week university stuff. I am confident once I am back in my hometown, sun will shine all day long. Accept nothing else. Nina, you better get yourself prepared for we are about to rock Vienna as soon as I am back haha
Hope you all have a nice and lovely Saturday, now I'll go grab some Brownies my Mum made for me (love u mommy!)


Top 5: Lipsticks

So,last week I showed you my Top 5 MAC eyeshadows, this week it's going to be Lipsticks. Choosing only 5 lipsticks was a lot tougher than with the eyeshadow as i a) have a lot more MAC lipsticks than shadows and b) I am more of a lipstick person, so I accentuate my lips more often than my eyes, so here you go:

Source: google.com, left to right: Ruby Woo, Girl about Town, Pink Nouveau, Viva Glam V, Fresh Brew
Ruby Woo: Replaced my former favourite red - Russian Red - as it is much more vibrant in my book, stays until eternity and I think it's more fun to wear, since it is brighter. However, it is veeery matte so it might not be everyone's cup of tea but for me it is my favourite, out of all, hands down!

Girl about town: Perfect classic pink, always fun to wear! I would say this color suits all skintones and haircolors. It is bright, however not too bright so I think one can even wear it during daytime, best pink there is in my book.

Pink Nouveau: This is a very special color. It is like a chalky, matte (or slightly satin), Barbie Pink. Definitely a showstopper. One has to be confident to wear this but I just love it. I think as a brunette it is not so much "in your face" if u know what I mean!? Looks hot with simple black eyeliner and mascara.

Viva Glam V: My favourite daytime Lipstick. It is a nice, subtle but still unique color. It is slightly pink, like a nude pink? If that makes sense?! Dunno, I just love it and I've been getting compliments for it all along plus some money from my purchase goes to the MAC Aids fund. Always good to help when splurging on something right ;-)

Fresh Brew: Finally. At first I had a love-hate relationship with this one. I was out for a nude color that would suit me as I do not really like to wear my Creme d'Nude often ( too light shade) and the lady at the MAC counter talked me into it. I think with this lipstick, it is, you really have to wear smokey eyes, then it looks fabulous. Worn on itself it makes you look like you're sick. But worn with heavy eyemake up this one looks amazing!

So what are your favourite Lipsticks from MAC?
Love, V.


I've got the Pinky and the Brain

Hey guys, so as I promised, the outfitpictures from last Sunday. It wasn't quite as windy and cold as the day before so I am positive that Spring is just around the corner. I hope so at least, I have had enough of that cold,nasty weather. Thanks to it, I am now down with the flu, which leaves me a bit in a crisis as my bachelor thesis is due next week and I don't even have half of it as of now. Wish me luck that I recover quickly and get this thing done :-)
I hope you guys have a wonderful week anyways, stay tuned for more posts to come this week. 
Nina and I are so thankful for every single person that reads our Blog. It really does mean the world to us! Thank you all.
Love, V.


Manic Monday

First 3 pictures from here, the rest from here
The usual on a Monday, because we all like a little routine right? :-)
I totally dig this Pyjama pants trend from the first 3 pictures. Everyone who knows me, knows that I looove wearing comfy pants, a.k.a. sweatpants. It's what I wear at home all the time, and sometimes even outside, during summertime. And these pants look so comfy! Definitely keep my eyes out for these.
The rest is just some random pictures that I find pretty and inspirational. Maybe I'll put them on my inspiration board, a project I am currently working on. Nothing special, just a huuuge board with inspirational pictures, than I want on my bedroom/dressing room wall :-)
So, now I've got to get back to work (don't tell my boss I am writing this from the office hehe) and to you all the best for the week.
Love, V.



Just a quick post about my favourite part of any outfit...Accessoires :-)
Rest of the outfit will be posted in the next few days! Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
Love, V.


Like a candle in the Wind

Howdy :D Boy is it windy or is it windy today. Jizzez! Grabbed my brother, put on a Beanie (let's be serious, whatever hairdo I'd have had, it would'nt has survived a minute!) and there we go, shot some pics in about 5 min because I was freezing my butt off haha I really love this outfit and I wish weather would allow me to actually wear it outside without my huge monster coat on top but then again it is only February. Expecting some more sun by March, then me and the weather god will be friends again hehe. But seriously, all this extreme cold outisde and extreme heating inside totally damaged my hair and skin. Right now my facial skin is going craaaazzzzyyyy. Being dry and flaky while being also oily?! What the heck! Any suggestions what to do about that?!
So this weekend I will be all chilly and cozy in my sweatpants, writing on my bachelor thesis on international terrorism. Doesn't sound too lame does it?! I am counting the days until I get back to Vienna. First stops: Vapiano restaurant (PASTAAAA!), Freiraum restaurant (duh!), Coffee shop for hot chocolate, Pratersauna Club and a nice stroll through the city. And yes, I do love me some food haha
Ok, so now I'll better go, before I start my bachelor thesis I need to watch my favourite TV-show of the moment: NEW GIRL! Zoey Deschanel I have a girlcrush on you!!! LOLZ
Happy Saturday, Love V.

ps.: Stole this AMAAZING Beanie from my mum and Nope, no intentions on giving it back. LOVE!


Top 5

I thought I would do a Top 5 Make-up Series, starting with my Top 5 MAC eyeshadows:

Source: google.com
Okay so here they are, from left to right: Electra, Typographic, Club, Steamy and Woodwinked.
Electra: Is a bright silver color with a sheen to it. It is not glittery at all and glides on the lids like silk. I love it. Bought it for New Years Eve 2 years ago and like to use when I do a black smokey eye. Classic Color!
Typographic: Smokey Eye again. I do like that it is not completely black. So if you want it to be really dark you can built it up or just keep it as it is which would make a more subtle smokey eye. It goes perfectly with Electra.
Club: Okay I cannot stress this enough but Club must be the best eyeshadow there is on earth. Hands down. It makes a perfect golden smokey eye but is also wearable during daytime, depending just how much you use and how you apply it. I already have my third pot of this at home and there were times when I would use this on a daily basis.This is like the most unique color depending on the lighting. It looks like a mud brown with golden shimmer one moment, and green with a hint of blue the next. This is the Chanel "Peridot" of eyeshadows.
Steamy: My favourite color for summertime when I have a tan. Looks fabulous especially if you have dark hair and combined with a gold color. It looks like a green/turquoise color with blue in it. Just like the ocean and it shimmers a lot but again no glitter (do not like glitter!)!
Woodwinked: Favourite gold color there is, and actually there are quite a lot on the market. It is not too yellow and not too bronze. Just perfect. And it looks divine when you have a tan. Definitely have to repurchase this one as I used it up last summer!
What are your go to colors from MAC? And do you prefer neutral colors or do you also dare wearing bold, bright colors?
xoxo V.


May the force be with you!

I loooove this shirt. Isn't it too cool. Was about time it made an appearance on the Blog :-)
Who doesn't like Star Wars?! Made this pics this morning and apparently the weather god seems to be in a good mood as it wasn't cold at all, nothing compared to yesterday where my toes were freezing off haha So today my little brother has his birthday party and therefore is out and about which means I have an entire 200 m2 house all to myself. How lovely is that. Already planned on taking a nice bubble bath, watching a movie and ordering some chinese food. It almost feels like Sunday haha What are your weekend plans?
xoxo V.

Ps.: Aren't my new sunglasses fierce?! Don't want to take them off, maybe I'll become one of these people that even wear sunglasses at the clubs LOL And that cute cambridge bag was an xmas present from me to my sis, borrowed it as my yellow one wouldn't fit that well!


Dare I ?!

Source: google.com

Lately I've been extremely discontent with my hair. I just find it goddamn boring honestly. So i thought what in the world could I do without getting a shortcut (they don't suit me and I look too "nice" if u know what I mean haha)?
I've been following this ombre hairtrend for almost a year now and always loved it but never had the guts to actually do it (I even did my sisters hair ombre!). So now I am kinda in the mood to go to the next hairdresser and get ombre hair. Another trend that has really caught my eye lately is the dib dyed hair. This basically means ombre hair but in all colors of the rainbow. I actually had hair once like that, in the brightest red you can imagine. I was around 11 y.o. back then and begged my mum for weeks to let me dye my hair like that because I had a total girlcrush on Christina Aguilera and her hair in her "Come on over" music video LOL
So I don't know which hair I will end up with, just "natural" ombre or a bright colored ombre (preferably blueish or lilac). All I know is I've got to do something about my hair. What do you guys think? Should I do it or not?
On a sidenote: I indulged and got myself some superfancy Juicy Couture sunglasses. I've been dying to get sunglasses shaped liked that but I never couldn't find the right ones or just ones that wouldn't look like they'd break in a minute and today I was lucky. I even made a pretty good deal and saved loooooots of money on them as they were cheaper. Here are some pics (and yes, I know the pink case looks super cheesy...I'll get over it...someday ha!)

Have a nice weekend y'all :-) Love, V.