Sunday Laziness

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Today is just great. Fernando Alonso won the Formula 1 GP, i finally completed my bachelor thesis, weather is amazing and inviting to take a stroll, already had ice cream today....short: EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL...
Happy Sunday everyone!
Love, V.

ps.: in exactly one week i'll finally be watching the hunger games! Anyone seen the movie? I am beyond excited and Taylor Swifts song totally gives me chills, this movie HAS TO BE amazing :-)


Polka Dot

 I still needed to show u guys my outfit from last weekend. I wore my grandma's Vintage Polka Dot skirt that I found in my sisters closte. It is just too cute :-)
I feel like last week Spring finally came along, the weather has been nice ever since and I try to be outside as much as I can despite the fact that I have to sit in an office all day long! The coming half of the week will be my last in Germany, on thursday I'll be on my way back to Vienna. I feel like a little child right before Christmas. I am counting the days until I get to meet all my friends again, drink coffee at my favourite places, grab some delicious Cupcakes and eat PASTAAA haha
This weekend will be filled with Bachelor thesis stuff (just when u though you're finished...) and some chillig. I also think of taking a tour with my sisters bike and discover the scenery around where I live as I never really did that. Oh, and of course I have to watch Formula 1 haha
What are u guys up to this weekend?


Review: Clinique Even Better Foundation

Source: Google.com

So I bought this foundation a little over 2 weeks ago and I've been wearing it practically everyday except for Sundays. As of now I am totally head over heels in love with it and here's why:


- Finish: I have never in my entire life come across a foundation that looks SO natural and invisible on your skin but at the same time gives good coverage. I swear, it is unnoticeable. And it totally covers all the spots or brown acne scars around my face. Even my colleagues at work asked me what I had "done" to my face because my skin is glowing. It also gives you a light dewy finish and doesn't look dull at all!
- Ingredients: Like all Clinique Foundations, this one does not contain any perfumes or harsh chemicals at all which is great because even though I have combination skin and some spots from time to time, I DO have sensitive skin. There are foundations that make me break out like madly! Big plus for this one.
- Functionality: This foundation is supposed to help even out ones skintone and it definitely does help me! I can not guarantee the same results for everyone but my dark brownish/redish scars from former acne do fade much quicker than they would normally. Also I sometimes get red around the cheek area and this foundation gives me just a nice, healthy looking even skintone. It does what it promises. LOVE!
- SPF: This foundation contains SPF 15 which for me is a huge plus, never go without sunprotection!

Neither Pro nor Con:

- Lasting Power: This Foundation is very nourishing to the skin, hence, if you have oily skin and want something completely mattifying, this might not be the foundation for you. I definitely do have to use powder throughout the day with this one, but as I usually always carry blotting papers with me, this is not a letdown for me. It really doesn't bother me because this foundation looks so much more natural than all the super long lasting ones. And it does stay on your skin, it may just not be as mattifying as for example my Estee Lauder Double Wear.


- Price: It cost me 28€ which is pretty much considering I am a student and I wear Make-up regularly. Then again my Estee Lauder Double Wear costs almost 10€ more so I guess I'll just have to deal with- Still, I think they could be a little bit cheaper!
-Packaging: I usually prefer foundations with a pump or an open lit where I can easily control how much comes out. This one has none of the above and it is sometimes hard to get out the exact right amount that I need on my face. I am afraid i might use too much and coming at 28€ per piece, this is not funny. Sort that out Clinique! Immediately!
- Color Range: I myself got the PERFECT match for my skin tone which is Ivory. However, in most stores it is the lightest color and it still seems a little dark for those REALLY pale ones out there. Plus, once I'll get a tan I think it will also be harder to get the right color as the other available colors are all relatively dark and close to each other and seem to have more of a yellow undertone?! A bigger range would be nice as it is over all a great foundation.

I love this foundation! And as long as it doesn't break me out or I find one that is cheaper but has the same amazing natural finish, I'll definitely repurchase this one! It is a great product!


The Pants

 Got this pants a while ago from Zara and unfortunately TOTALLY in the wrong size! Tried them on in Size S and accidentally bought them in Size XS. I discovered my mistake when it was too late and I had already removed the price tag which means no return. Sucks. Especially since they looked so fierce in size S. A bit loose but not too much so that they would drift into pyjama pant territory. Well I guess this means I'd better shed those 2 pounds I gained here in Germany as soon as I am back in Vienna because I have no intention of letting those pants rot away in the back of my closet just because of my stupidity to double check before purchasing and removing the price tag. I really like them, especially with the detailing of the white stripe on the side. They make a perfect cool, chilled black outfit and depending on the mood I can dress up or down!
So today I took some snapshots as it will be the only day with moderate spring weather (bits of sunshine and nicer temperatures u know...)
I am thinking of doing a foundation review in my next post as I got a new about 2 weeks ago and I reaaaally like it. What do you guys think about that? Would u like more reviews on this post?
Happy Saturday, LOVE V.

Ps.: On a side note, Formula 1 is back, how frikkin' a-some!!! HAHA



Outfit from last Sunday, wearing my new fierce and beloved H&M pants. I am definitely not one to have a J.Lo ass but those jeans help at least a bit with that issue :D
On another topic, I am more than thankful to get my Vienna background back by the end of march, shooting pictures here in the middle of nowhere is actually pretty annoying, there aren't many possibilities as I don't find the scenery too pretty, at least not this time of the year. So I know, this is the third post in short time wearing the same sweater but I really frikkin' lov it and as I am only temporary living here for my internship I do not have my entire closet with me hehe Talk about a reunion, I never missed my clothes so much, normally I find myseld standing in front of my clothes and not finding anything to wear...u know, the total cliché :-) So I guess getting back to my stuff after more than 3 months will probably feel like coming home from a big shopping spree, not to bad what ;-)
Lovely week everyone! Nina, I can see the finish line of our countdown haha see ya in almost 2 weeks yessss! whoop whoop!


I Fell in L.O.V.E. at the Seaside

 I love that song! Do you guys know it? It is from the Kooks (legendary band) and unfortunately only 1:40 minutes long --> too short if u ask me! However this songs gets me in such a summer mood :-) For some reason sun decided to take a break this weekend but that didn't mind me as in my head i already lie on the beach in Barcelona and sip a big fat Caipirinha cocktail LOLZ
So apparently this week, on thursday, public transport in Hanover was on a strike and it was a total chaos. Lucky for me, a colleague from work picked me up. Bad for me, after work there was no getting through by car, traffic jam at its finest, so I had to walk 4km to the train station all by myself and weather was not the nicest >.< Then again, now I can pretend that I did loads of workout for this week and stay lazy for the comin' week haha but hey, sports can't be everybody's strong suit right?! I'd rather take a walk to my fridge and get something to eat...when we're at eat, mom made another cake, so now I'll have to get a slice before my sis' and bro's eat all of it!!! HAPPY SUNDAY :-)

xoxo, V.

Ps.: I know, pink sweater again...just love it too much!!! 


Mint Candy

Yes...I am infected by the pastel color trend. I've always love baby pink though its always been hard to find something that has just the slightest hue of pink so you can guess my excitement when I discovered that sweater. I instantly bought it and it was my first purchase on Saturday. Thanks Mango :-)
Anyways, I'd have loved to wear this outfit without black tights but unfortunately Spring is all there as of now. But hey, it ain't raining, it ain't freezing, so i won't complain. So I definitely want to buy some more things in cupcake colors this season, most of all I am looking for the perfect white skinny jeans to match with my light pink sweater. I think it would look amazing, especially with gold accessoires. Oh Boy, I do love Spring and Summer. Even though Black - not typically a summer color - will always be my favourite color, I do prefer dressing up when it is warm outside :-)
Ahhh Spring come out come out whereever you are!
Have a lovely week girls!
Love you, V.


Sunday after Shopping

Pants (Zara), Turtleneck Sweater (H&M), Flower (Zara), Bag (Primark), Jewelry (H&M, Primark, Gina Tricot)

 There you go, first Outfit wearing some of my new stuff aka the pants! I love them. I've always wanted to wear Palazzo Pants because they always look so fancy yet effortless but somehow I never found the right ones that wouldn't make me look too short and too fat haha I know that those pants on the pics do not elongate my legs but I think I can pull them off quite nicely and they are so super comfy, I already know I'll be wearing these a lot more once summer has arrived. I also wear my new platform heels here as well. They are the most comfortable shoes ever! It's like you're wearing flats, definitely a wise purchase as I have tons and tons of shoes at home that I rarely ever wear because they torture my feet the second I put them on (too bad!). Anyways, I also made some minty purchases yesterday as it is - by no surprise - the color of the season. I absolutely love the bag from Primark. They had it in ALL colors imaginable and at one time in the store I found myself with 9 of these in different colors but then I though that might be a little too nuts haha
So now I am back in my comfy clothes, drinking some hot chocolate and eat some cake that my mum made (there definitely are benefits when you live with your parents haha) and now I'll watch a movie and relax because guess what...I've finished my bachelor thesis. So now it is no longer in my hands and I can lean back and relax a bit! Somehthing I definitely need.
Have a lovely Sunday y'all,
xoxo V.

Ps.: Nina i miss u :-)


Bagels & Cheesecake

Chicken Bagel, Blueberry Cheese cake and blueberry smoothie @ Mac Café
So today my sis and I went shopping and I definitely consider myself successful haha Hannover is actually quite a cool place to spend your cash. Pictured above is what we ate at Mac Café, I love Bagels and Blueberries :-)
So I bought myself a new foundation and THE MOST AMAZING lipstick of all times, I know for a fact this one will become my all time favourite. It's limited edition though so I am thinking of buying some more!
I also got some fancy pants from Zara and H&M, as well as a new watch and bag from Primark, a babypink sweater from Mango (already have dozens of outfits in my mind!) and some superfabulous shoes (H&M as well). I don't know if I will post all the things I've bought as you are already about to see some of it in tomorrows outfit post. Might dedicate an entire post to the lipstick though, I just love it too much. Right now I wear it on my lips, dressed in my pyjamas haha
Hope y'all had a great Saturday as well. Gosh those weekends pass by way to quickly!
Love and Happiness, V.


Top 5: Blushes

source: google.com

So up next in my Top 5 Beauty series are my Top 5 Blushes. You guys might not know that for me, blushes are one of my most favourite things make-up wise next to Lipsticks. I do however not own that many Blushes since the high quality ones are usually very expensive and once I have a Blush I really like I tend to stick to it. My favourite Brand for Blushes is definitely Benefit! From the packaging to the smell and the product itself, their Blushes are perfection! So here are my top 5:

Benefit Hoola: Best Bronzer there is. I love this since it gives you a nice tanned look but without the usual glitter that comes in a lot of Bronzers, this one is completely matte. Nice color payoff as well!

Maybelline Moonlight Mauve: Mineral Blush with slight glitter/shimmer to it. I only use this for going out at night as it does have some hints of glitter to it. Love the color though, gives you a fresh-faced glow :-)

Benefit Sugarbomb: My holy-grail Blush. This one I can wear throughout the entire year no matter how pale or tanned I am. This always suits me. The gold quarter of it adds just the right amount of glow without looking glittery or unnatural. I will always go back to this one. Smell is awesome as well! Good job Benefit!

Smashbox Intermix Fusion Highlighter: I use this as a highlighter/Bronzer whenever I am tanned. But i only use this one on my cheeks to give me a glow and a light tan. Since I have oily skin I'd never put shiny things on my T-Zone haha I like this product though, it does look supernice when you're tanned!

E.L.F. Pink Passion: This is one supercheap but awesome product. For those of you that do not want to spend huge amounts of money for blush I definitely recommend the entire E.L.F. range. They do have great colors. I love this one because it is perfect for Spring, when I am still pale and want just some rosy cheeks.

What are your favourite Blushes? Any recommendation?
Love, V.