Manic Monday

The usual monday inspiration, this time, I guess u could call it an inspiration overload :-)


Ladieeees, spring is finally here. With summer temperatures. A-SOME!!!!
So excited right now, finally I can start wearing my summer garments again. Don't know why but I always feel more creative in dressing when it is warm outside. Guess has something to do with those nasty fat thick hideous gigantic big winter jackets doesn't it HAHA
So there you go, your weekly dosis of inspiration and good spirits, have a lovely week :)



Surf WorldCup 2012 ... and stuff

Just a bunch of random pics from the weekend :)
Most of them were taken Friday when I had the honor of wearing a special guest band at the annual Surf Worldcup Opening at Podersdorf. The weather treated us nicely and I had a great deal of fun partying with my friend Ines...though I have to admit next time I better bring sunscreen with me...FAIL lol
Anyways, in the pics u see my stash of make up I brought with me to get styled for the night parties...nothing more fun then getting your makeup done in a car with bad lighting, I ended up looking like a racoon and like I had put on different things on each half of my face...HILARIOUS :-D
I also wore my new shoes from F21, 5 € and I already feel like they are an investment for lifetime, IF they survive that long haha. Nailpolish is from Essie, Mint Candy Apple. Got it with my last Glossybox and I have to say I really dig the color and it has amazing staying power. Put on Friday morning and it still looks perfectly, and we all know its an amazing color right?!
Have a nice Sunday y'all...I am now going back to sleep HAHA

xx, V.


Kitsch Bitch

So these are the pics from the Kitsch Bitch Event last Weekend :)
I bough a nice tanktop (Buy Art not Cocaine...sounds legit does it?!) and had lunch with Nina beforehand @ Vapiano, delicious Salad and Tomatosoup mmmmhhhmmm right now I am a bit hungover after spent the entire night at the Surf Worldcup Opening Party in Podersdorf, i won VIP tickets, how amazing is that?! If you follow me on Instagram (@vmarton) you might already have seen a picture :))
I hope I can post some of the pictures on Monday but right now I need to catch up on some sleep and then enjoy the sun, weather is absolutely a-some right now :))


Fashion Against Aids

So the annual H&M Fashion against Aids collection launched today and I just couldn't resist. I've been eyeing this collection ever since pictures surfaced months ago and if I'd had the money, I'd probably have bought the entire thing HA! I just love this hippiesque free spirited feel of the collection, it feels like everyday is woodstock u know :-) I also desperately wanted to get the skirt in this collection but unfortunately it was sold out around midday which pretty much sucks. I still think I might pick up one of the rain-ponchos as they are really cheap (around 5€) and maybe that one big feather earring though I am normally so not an earing person, I just kinda always feel stupid wearing earrings and wear bracelets and rings instead - makes sense does it?!
So this is what I picked up today, VISA is to thank haha:

Source: google.com
I have a weekend filled with action ahead and I intend to wear these things, so I'll keep you updated on the outfit-picture front :))

xx, V.


Parmesan Basel Crackers

So today I was in the mood for baking...you know, some people do yoga to relax, I bake someting. Usually it ends up being Muffins or a fruit cake but today I was in the mood for something salty. So I looked through some recipes on one of my favourite Blogs and stumbled across an supereasy recipe for Parmesan and Thyme Crackers. The origianl recipe is here.
It is supereasy and quick and I almost had all of the ingredients at home except for Thyme, which I do not like that much anyways so I switched to Basel.
The recipe is American, hence everything is measured in ounces or cups but here's what i took:

Around 130 gramms of Butter (needs to be slightly warm and creamy!!!)
150 gramms of Wheat (I took an all purpose one)
100 gramms of Parmesan cheese (i mixed a packed one with some fresh left overs)
Salt and Pepper and dried Basel from the Supermarket
A tiny amount of water mixed with half a teaspoon of oliveoil to keep the whole thing from crumbling into pieces plus it makes work much easier :))

Just mix everything together and put it in the fridge for about an hour. Then form some round crackers and put them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Just let them in there until they are light brown! Et voila, you have some super delicious Crackers. They go perfectly with any salad and I am sure they'll go perfectly with my tomato soup that I intend on eating for dinner tonight :))

Here are some pictures from cupcakesandcashmere:

You should most definitely check out her Blog, there are TONS of delicious recipes and beautiful outfit pictures and...gosh, EVERYTHING on her Blog just screams pretty and fancy. Check it out!

xx, V.


Manic Monday

Pictures from here
Inspiration overload to  get through the week :)
Happy Mondays everyone,

xoxo V.

Ps.: How frikkin' a-some is the weather now? Gotta be an amazing week!


Newsflash: I am going to Sweden

Hey there fellas :))
A few days ago I promised some big news announcement. Well there u go: I am going to Sweden in August for at least 12 months to attain my Masters degree in Fashion Management with specialisation in Fashion Marketing and Retailing. I am over the moon happy to have been admitted, the competition is pretty tough in Sweden for international Students. Nevertheless, i am super excited (hyper actually LOLz) and also super stressed out because I feel like there are a thousand things to do before I go even though I won't be leaving before the end of August. However, that means I most definitely have to successfully pass my last big (SUPERbig) exam at the end of May to receive my Bachelors degree. Probably should start learning already...gosh, I am always so lazy when it comes to learning haha Anyways, just wanted to share some of the joy and happiness I am feeling right now as well as some recent outfit pics!

Ps.: We still want to meet some fellow viennese bloggers, come forward wherever you are ;))


Blogger get together

Source: Google.com
As Nina and I already mentioned earlier on our Blog, we would love to meet some of our fellow Bloggers from Vienna. So this is an official shout out to all of you fashion addicted nerds (haha), WE WANT YOU!

So if you are a Blogger or just would love to meet up with us, leave a comment and we'll get in contact with you. We would love to get to know new people who share our passion for fashion. And u know what they say: sharing is caring! ;-)

This advertisement was sponsored by.....haha just kidding. It does kinda sound like some sort of wicked partnership advertisement though, doesn't it?! LOLz

Lots of Love, V.



Fake leather/Fur vest (F21), Jeans Shirt (H&M), Grey leather bag (H&M), Shoes (ASOS)
Oh how I love denim. And leather. And fake fur. Seriously, if u'd ask me what my favourite fabrics would be, forget about satin, silk and chiffon. Leather and Jeans is what I am talking about. I feel most comfortable during warm summer days just throwing on a pair of jeans (long or short doesnt matter) and a plain simple mens shirt together with leather boots. Easy as that I tell ya. And I think leather makes every outfit fierce. Though one has to have the guts to wear it.
Nina shot this pics somewhere in the midst of Vienna when we were "fishing" for sunrays as the weather currently isn't treating us that well. But hey, one can always go back to loads of crap food (chocolate anyone?!) and watching all episodes of Sex and the City. That s*** never goes out of style ;-)
So this weekend I am a prisoner of my own appartment, preparing for 2 exams next week, almost the last ones until I can finally call myself Bachelorette. Regarding my universitary future I have some big anouncements to make in the next few days. STAY TUNED!
Love y'all, V.

Ps.: Follow me on INSTAGRAM at vmarton ;-) Don't miss out on some fun pictures!



 I have no idea why this photo is so dark on the outside - looks pretty creepy!

Here are my outfit pics from the evening we went to see the Hunger Games at the Cinema.
I was wearing a Zara jacket and Jeggings, H&M Blouse and bag, and shoes from Deichmann.
It was pretty cold that day, but I refuse to wear my thick jackets now that it's april, when it's supposed to be warm! Maybe a bit strange but I also don't like wearing my winter coat until it's officially winter.  I guess that's just my way to show the weather god to be nice and reliable :-)!
xx Nina