You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough

Nina wears Blazer (H&M), Scarf (Bershka), Sunglasses (Burberry), LBD (H&M)
I wear Leo flats (ASOS), Jeansshorts (Calvin Klein Vintage), Blouse (Vintage), Cambridge Leather satchel, Blazer (Mango)

Helly my lovely readers :)
Finally some pictures from last weekend. As Nina already told you we had planned to visit pure living bakery again but ended up at one of our favourite restaurants "Rochus" instead. Right now the weather in Vienna is just awesome. It is basically what summer should have been. Unfortunately I don't really get to enjoy that weather since I am reeeeeeeally busy studying. I am in my final year now and currently there are a lot of exams coming up and I also have to finish my bachelor thesis and work at a jewelry store. Anyhow, as usual Nina and I had a blast and spent hours talking about the usual topic: GUYS =) We even came up with the idea of writing a book about all the horrible dates we had and all the crazy guys we've ended up with so far...and believe me there have been quite a few "WTF?!" moments in our lives regarding this particular matter haha What do you think about this idea?


Happy Happy Happy

OMG you guys I am soooo excited. My bestie, Ines (seen in this post), won this years' Orbit Smile award!!! This competition looks for the most beautiful smile in all of Austria and who would be better to win this than my bestie Ines. She's always bubbly, laughing all the time and she's drop dead gorgeous (duh!) so basically it was ment for her to win this thing. Fun fact: just recently her car broke and now she's won a totally new one :) Can't wait to cruise around the city in her Smart For2 car! She totally deserved this. She's been by best friend for over a decade now and she never disappointed. She's like a sister to me and I am so exited, I just had to share the news...Woooooooooohooooooooo :)
So now I'll dedicate this song to her because that's exactly what runs trough my mind everytime I see her:



Falling for Fall

"Über allem die Liebe" that means Love above all

Here are just a few snapshots from yesterday - we wanted to go to the Pure Living Bakery again, but it's closed on sundays. Therefore we went to the third district to Rochus, and than just making photos at the fountain above.
I hate winter, so I'm always a bit scared when summer's ending and you can already feel the crisp air and see the leaves falling of the trees. But this year I think I will enjoy fall a bit more - all the colours of the trees, starting to wear boots/scarves, drinking tea, wearing dark nail polish instead of bright colours, starting to bake again (I love to bake, but in my tiny appartement it gets really hot!!)... I will write a list and put it someplace, where I can see it all the time, just as a reminder for myself - I'll post my fall to-do List in the next days.
Any suggestions, what I should do this fall?
Have a great week guys!


Zalando Contest

Zalando is currently offering a contest where you can win 3600€ or 300€ a month worth of clothes for an entire year. AWESOME! All you have to do is create your favourite look with all the products offered on their website and post in on your blog or on facebook. Since I've never actually won something and this is a really cool offer I couldn't resist but taking a shot :) Wish me luck guys!
Here's my outfit:
-Casual grey T-shirt from joop
-Black leather pants from Sly 010
-Black Jacket from Tiger of Sweden
-Silver watch from Nixon
-Black leather bag from Paquetage
-Black Pumps from Ursual Mascaro
-Nail polish from Watercolors
-Dark red lipstick from Lipstick Library

Zalando Fashion Flatrate

I'm in L.O.V.E.

My new yellow Cambridge Leather Satchel with my initials embossed in silver...SWOON haha
My new Leo Flats from ASOS
Vienna FW Outfit: Chelsea Boots from ASOS, Golden Clutch from Nelly.com, Shirt from Cheap Monday, Necklace from H&M
My Bestie. She's a real beauty. From the outside but especially from the inside. LOVE HER!
Bestie wearing Blazer from MANGO, Boots from Deichmann, Bag from London and Sex Pistols Shirt from H&M

After almost 2 months of waiting I finally got my hands on my yellow Cambridge Bag. It's my baby. I'm in love. Isn't she pretty?! Although the color is not as bright as I thought (though still brighter in reality than on the pics) I really like it and I already got tons of compliments at university and people asking me where I got it :)
I also finally received my Leo flats from ASOS after the parcel with the shoes in it got lost the first time around. At this point kudos to the ASOS customer service. So far they've never let me down. Since this is the second time one of my parcels got lost i even got a 20% discount on my next order and they shipped the shoes again, this time express delivery. Thanks a lot ASOS!
Finally some outfit pictures from Fashion Week. Excuse the poor quality but my bestie Ines made them with her Iphone since my camera ran out of batteries and as I mentioned in an earlier post refused to work...at this point I have to mention that I personally thought that many people at FW were way to overdressed and I got a feeling that lots of them wouldn't normally wear such clothes which I honestly find pretty pathetic. You should be the one wearing a garment not vice versa :) However, you could easily make out the real fashionistas and some people were dressed extremely well. xoxo V


Lost in Translation

I spent the last weekend in Budapest to visit my sister and I have to say that it's not my favourite city! It was ok, and I saw a lot during the Hop-on/Hop-off Tour and walking around, but maybe my expectations were too high, because everybody I know was talking about how beautiful Budapest is.
Furthermore, I didn't think that it's possible to feel that kind of "lost in translation" in Europe, because the language is just really different. I was afraid to ask for the way, because I thought that people would laugh at me when the hear me say something in Hungarian :-D.
And now that I'm back, it already seems that winter is coming! It's way too cold for September and there also fell snow in some parts of Austria (not only on the mountains, also in the valleys - really strange!)


Vienna Fashionweek

Fabio Gurjao
Fabio Gurjao
So today I went to Vienna's Fashionweek with my bestie Ines. First time fashion week ever. I would say it was okay. I didn't really like the way things were organised. First you had to get in line to watch the shows starting at 6 p.m. and once these were over you had to leave the tent and get in line again. Actually I really wanted to see the fashion show of the label "Maibe" as well,starting at 8 p.m., but after we left the tent the line was so long, we probably would've never gotten in again so we decided to just check out the show rooms and then grab something to eat. The 2 shows I did see however - from the brazilian brands "NEON" and "Fabio Gurjao" - I really enjoyed. Especially Fabio Gurjao! That guy's a genius. There was practically nothing I wouldn't wear from his collection and I would die for that awesome red leather jacket of his collection!
Fair enough I have to say that I still was reaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly excited as this was my first fashionshow and hopefully not my last. Now I have to check out where I can actually buy something from Fabio Gurjao's collection and if I'll ever be able to afford it...ha!
Ps.: Please forgive the bad quality of my pics. I don't know why but somehow my camera didn't work today at all and as I just noticed it when the fashion shows already had started I had no time to fix it :(


Frequency Festival Action

I know I am a little late on this but I finally get to share some pics with you from my best Festival so far - Frequency 2011. Me and my friends enjoyed some absolutely amazing and mindblowing concerts: Foo Fighters killed it, I got to see The Kooks first row, Deichkind gave the most extravagant show EVER, Kaiser Chiefs were fabulous as usual, Kaizers Orchestra are fun dancing to, and Marner Brown which we saw "by accident" and I am madly in love with ever since we came back and I checked out some more of their music. I really love music festivals as they get people from many different places together to share their love for music, it is always fun - even when the weather sucks - and you get to see so many awesome bands and often discover new ones. If you ever think of attending a festival in Austria I totally recommend this one as not only the bands are always superb but also the camping area is fantastic. You don't have to walk for hours and the best thing of all: There's a river where you can sit in and relax if the sun burns down. I might post some more pictures as I still do not have all the pictures that my friends made and maybe I get to post some videos as well. Until then, stay tuned....xoxo
ps.: please excuse the lower quality of these photos as these were taken with a rather "cheap" camera, nobody takes their high quality camera to a festival anyways :-)


Paris, je t'aime

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

Le Pont des Invalides

I went to Paris in feburary for 4days all by myself - it was an exciting/exhausting trip. First I didn't really like the city. There were many beggars, the people were unfriendly, it was dirty and the weather was bad. It was really cold and the sun was only shining one afternoon. But now when I look at the photos - I think I have to go there again :-) Winter is just not the right season for a city-trip!
Therefore I'm really looking forward to my short trip to Budapest. I will be there from thursday to sunday to visit my sister, who's making an internship there.
I just love strolling around town taking pictures, going to nice restaurants and just exploring a new city. So be prepared for some Budapest-photos next week :-)