We found love...

H&M Parka, Zara Knitted Sweater, Nelly leather bag
Navy Blue coat from Mexx, Pink bag from Victoria's secret

Nougat dumplings with raspberry sauce, source: Freiraum
source: Freiraum
 The weather here in Vienna is super cold right now, so what better thing to do than spending the afternoon at our beloved Freiraum restaurant. I L.O.V.E. that restaurant. I think I almost know their menu by heart haha...but we can't help it, their meals are just too delicious :-)
The weather keeps getting colder by the day so right now I am on the hunt for the perfect winter coat/jacket. If you have any recommendations where to get one, without spending a fortune, feel free to share! Although I am a sun lover, right now I really enjoy the cold weather. Staying at home in comfy pants and my hello kitty slippers, watching my favourite TV shows (as of now Pretty Little Liars, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory,Vampire diaries and the new Sarah Michelle Gellar one called "Ringer") or reading a book and drinking all sorts of tea. And of course lots of sleeping! What do you love to do when the weather outside is cold?


Beautiful Paulina

Hey guys, today I'll introduce you to one of my favourite blogs of all, which is written by the ever so beautiful Paulina ! On her blog she writes mostly about fashion and make-up but at times also about her day to day life which makes it all the way more personal. I am reading her blog for almost 2 years now and it never gets boring! So me and Paulina did an interview and here's the result (first in german and then in english) ...

Warum hast du dich entschlossen mit dem bloggen anzufangen?
Ich bin damals vor ca. 3 Jahren auf ein paar skandinavische Blogs gestoßen (Kenza, Blondinbella und Stina-Lee) und ich bin so begeistert von der Idee gewesen, dass ich auf der Stelle einen eigenen Blog gegründet habe =)

 Wenn du dir ein Designerstück (Tasche,Schuhe, etc) aussuchen könntest, was wäre es?
Ich denke es wäre eine klassische flap bag von Chanel. Ich habe zwar eine ähnliche von Mango, die ich auch gerne trage, aber die von Chanel würde ich glaube ich nicht mehr ablegen =)

Mit welchem Designer oder welcher Marke würdest du gerne mal kooperieren?
Definitiv Marc Jacobs. Er ist ein Genie ! Eine eigene Kollektion mit H&M zu entwerfen, wäre natürlich auch nicht schlecht =)

Was wäre dein Traumberuf?
Mein absoluter Traum wäre als Fotografin zu arbeiten, z.B. für National Geographic oder für die Vogue.

Welche Celebrities inspirieren dich styletechnisch und warum?
Ich bin ein totaler Fan von Kate Moss. Sie hat diesen rockigen, lässigen-Look, der zugleich total feminin und sexy wirkt. Das gleiche gilt für Pixie Lott, Rihanna oder Frankie Sandford.
Ich verehre sie alle!

Welchen Trend in den letzten Jahren fandest du toll und welchen Trend in Sachen Mode hast du bewusst nicht mitgemacht?
Ich fand den "color-blocking"-Trend toll! Ich ziehe mich meistens einfarbig an und diesen Sommer hab ich mich auch an etwas Farbe getraut =)
Es gab viele Trends, die ich überhaupt nicht schön fand. Z.B. hatte eine Zeit lang jeder eine Longchamp-Tasche. Ich finde diese Taschen einfach nur schrecklich.

Welche Stadt würdest du gerne mal besuchen bzw was ist bisher deine Lieblingsstadt?
Ich würde sehr gerne irgendwann New York besuchen.
Die tollste Stadt für mich ist natürlich Paris =) Ich liebe wirklich ALLES an dieser Stadt (abgesehen von hohen Preisen).

Was ist deine Lieblingsmarke was Make-up betrifft?
Ich liebe MAC. Ich benutze einige Produkte dieser Marke und wurde wirklich noch nie enttäuscht. Wenn ich etwas weniger ausgeben möchte greife ich auch sehr gerne zu e.l.f.
Ich finde die Sachen wirklich sehr gut und total günstig.

What is the reason you started blogging?
About 3 years ago I came agross some Swedish blogs (Kenza, Blondibella, Stina-Lee) and I was immediately taken by the idea and created my own blog.
If you could choose to have on certain designer item (shoes, bags etc), which one would it be?
I think I’d choose the classic Flap Bag from Chanel. I have a similar one from MANGO, which I quite like to use, but I guess I would never stop wearing the Chanel one once I’d have it.
Which designer or brand would you love to cooperate with?
Definitely Marc Jacobs! He’s a genius. Designing a collection with H&M wouldn’t be bad either =)
What would be your “dreamjob”?
It’s a dream of mine to one day work as a photographer, f.e. for National Geographic or Vogue.
Which celebrities inspire your style and why?
I’m a huge fan of Kate Moss. She’s this rock meets chic look which at the same time looks feminine and very sexy. Same matter with Pixie Lott, Rihanna oder Frankie Sanford. I adore them all!
Which of the last season’s trends did you like and which of them did you avoid on purpose?
I loved the “color-blocking” trend! Most of the time I use only one color, mostly bold ones but this summer I actually dared to wear bright colors =) However, there were a lot of trends that I didn’t like, f.e. the Longchamps bags that everybody seemed to be having, I find them dreadful!
Which city would you love to visit and what’s your favourite city so far?
I’d love to one day visit New York. The best city, for me, is Paris =) I really love EVERYTHING about it (apart from high prices)
What’s your favourite brand regarding Make-up?
I love MAC. I use a lot of their products and so far they never disappointed. If I want to spend less money I usually choose E.L.F., I really like their products and it’s very affordable.

Thank you sooooo.... much Paulina! 
Ps.: You can read my answers to those questions on Paulina's Blog, check it ou!


Paris, oh la la la...

Leatherleggins, Shoes, Fake fur bag (ZARA), Sweater (DIY from my Granny), Sunglasses (Danube Festival 2011)
Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my most favourite sweater for the season. Its a piece made by my lovely grandma, I actually have a few others made by her but this is by far my favourite! I'm so happy that oversized sweaters seem to be "IN" this season since I have tons of them :-) Right now I am reaaally busy with University stuff and work, therefore the lack of outside outfit posts....just bare with me, I promise it will be better soon ;-) until then, stay happy, stay tuned...xoxo V


Tattoo Love...Second edition

This was my "inspiration"

This is the actual tattoo...pink of course :-)

Hey you guys....I DIT IT! :D
I finally got my pink bow tattoo...took me about ages to have the guts and the money haha although it's not my first tattoo I was scared as hell since I don't like needles, however, it didn't hurt half as much as i anticipated it (good for me by the way LOL). Anyways, I got this tattoo, right in the middle of my hips...you could say it is above my vagina...and yes, you're reading right ;-) I really love the outcome, it is much prettier in real life and I am over the moon in love with it! The guy who made it it an actual artist and so I was very confident in letting him do it, you know, finding the right tattooist is kind of as hard/important as finding the right gynaecologist...not everybody can do the job!Do you have any tattoos or plan on getting one?!


Summer moved on!

left: my yellow Cambridge Satchel, right: Nina's Fluro orange Satchel

Seems like the last days of summer are over. Since friday it's been cold as hell and raining every once in a while. I know most people really love summer - including me - but for some reason I was kind of relieved the warm weather's finally done. Don't get me wrong, I really like being out in the sun,wearing flowy dresses, paint my nails in all colors of the rainbow...but somehow I really got in the mood for autumn and fall. I want to wear my fake fur coats again, my boots, I love staying at home the weekends, baking while weary cozy sweaters and my Hello Kitty slippers and just watch cheesy movies or sex and the city all the while the weather outside "sucks" :D Does this make sense to anyone?! And besides, I am so busy with work and university stuff right now, I wouldn't be able to really enjoy warm and sunny weather which would just make me depressed...so let's all embrace the seasons, and you know, when it's starting to get cold, christmas is nearing :D :D :D yaaaaayyyyy haha...stay tuned, xoxo V


We heart F.O.O.D

source: tumblr.com

As you guys might have noticed...WE LOVE FOOD! Nina is not the only one who's planning on cooking and baking a lot more this autumn/fall. The last days I've been on a hunt for new delicious recipes for cakes, cookies, burgers, sandwiches etc. and I can't wait to try one or another out. A site I can really recommend is foodwhore! Tons and tons of yummy food and the recipes on how to make it. You should definitely check it out....stay tuned for more to come this week, xoxo V