The advantage of going to a music festival...

...is that you happen to discover many new, relatively unknown bands that turn out to be nothing less than fabulous! :D Me and my girl Sandra were on our way to buy some Frequency Festival merchandise when this new band from London - Marner Brown - happened to be on stage, early in the afternoon. We instantly fell for them and ended up watching almost the entire concert. See, that's the good thing about festivals. You never know exactly what to expect ;) Apart from that, our favourite Bands at the Festival didn't dissapoint one bit either! As for our "shopping" trip. We both bought some amazing "Yippie yippie yeah" Deichkind sweatshirts which were heavily overpriced but we just couldn't help it ... haha


  1. omg! you know them!! I've been obsessing over them for awhile now, but none of my friends know them (and know that they do they aren't as into them as myself...-.-)

  2. Hey =)
    I feel so lucky that i went to the concert area at the very time they were playing because ever since i got back home i've been listening to them nonstop. THEY ARE AWESOME! But you are right, none of my friends really know them either -.-