dinner for two...

Sometimes...the perfect dinner for two doesn't need to involve a man. All you need is a good girlfriend, delicious food and lots of gossip ;) These pictures were shot after our dinner @ Freiraum (best restaurant in all of Vienna...by far!) along a road filled with taxis. Me and Nina had plenty of fun while the people passing by probably either thought we're some stupid tourists or just vein :D But you know, sometimes this is just what you need to have a fun night out...and by the way, it didn't rain as it was said to be but we decided to take pictures of our lovely umbrellas (who doesn't like dots and butterflies haha)...


  1. AHAHAHAH! Dinners for two (girls) are the best ever!
    I love your green jacket!

  2. girl's night out is always so much fun -> next week again, we'll also post about it :-)