Diamonds are a girls best friend...

Lucky as I am, I work at a jewelry store which has the most awesome bracelets, except for my watch (ASOS), the gold one on the left (F21) and my hamsa bracelets (from Tel Aviv) everythings from the store I work at...jackpot, since I'm a bracelet addict (hehe)
my favourite Earrings...though i am not that much of an earring-person :)
My favourite rings: most of them are from Asos, some of them are vintage from my grandma
i love necklaces. my favourites are ones with key's (duh!), but i also heart my name necklace which i got on a vacation in spain      
Well....actually I do not own any real diamonds...yet. Except for the black and gold vintage ring that my grandma gave me which has an extremely small diamond in the middle (picture above). However I love jewelry and I am convinced that with the right gems, EVERY outfit can be pimped! haha
I found it pretty hard to choose since I have a huge variety to choose from, I even have stuff I basically never wear (shame on me!!). If I had to decide which type of jewelry I could wear for the rest of my life (rings, bracelets, earrings...) I'd probably go with bracelets/watches. I love how they can make any outfit sophisticated and rock'n'roll at the same time, if you know what I mean =) Which is your favourite?

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