Recent Purchases

In light of me passing the Bachelors Exam I thought I earned myself some brand new stuff (though, as an avid shopaholic I, of course, always find a reason to justify u know). I haven't ordered from ASOS for aaaageesss! So I thought it was about time as there has been some stuff I have been eyeing for quite some time, plus, I needed new shoes. REALLY! My pair of Converse All Star Sneakers is completely torn apart after multiple winters and music festivals and so are me beloved Chelsea boots (well the latter actually have a worn off sole which makes me walk like i am drunk!). So here's what I ordered plus a pair of shoes from Zara (girl can never ever have enough of them right?!):

ASOS: wrap dress

ASOS: finally Palladium sneackers

ASOS: Chelsea Boots

ASOS: Bracelet/Ring thing haha

ASOS: Hippie Lace Pants *fierce*

ASOS: silver foil leggings
ZARA: Heels

Love, V.


REVIEW: Maybelline 8 in 1 Beauty Balm

So about 1 month ago or something I got my hands on Maybellines' Beauty Balm. I was actually out to purchase something else and I am usually not someone to grab anything makeup related over 5€ spontaneously without doing some research but somehow I ended up buying it:

So here are my thoughts on it:

Color: The product actually comes in only one single color, some sort of peachy color actually and claims to adapt itself to ones natural skin color to ensure an invisible, clean finish. Well, that being said, it DOES NOT work! Sure, it is nowhere as bright orange on your skin as it is in the container but as someone that is on the rather pale/fair side I can tell you that it does not fully adapt. I somewhat ended up with a tan one would get with self tanners and in tanning studios. You know, when you have a tan that has a slight orange hue rather than what you'd get when actually lying in the real sun?! So I don't know but colorwise this doesn't really work for me.

Application: Apart from the coloration problem this does apply rather smoothly I have to admit. Wheter you use a sponge, brush or your fingers (though personally i think fingers work best!). Since it is kind of a tinted moisturizer it leaves a fresh feeling on your face and the skin absorbs it pretty quickly!

Coverage/Finish: One thing for sure, this isn't foundation. So if you want to cover up tons of blemishes this might not be the best product for you. It does give slight coverage though so that I only had to use a bit of concealer underneath my eyes and on smaller blemishes/acne scars to get a natural finish. Which leads me directly to the next point: I kind of like the finish. Since this is kinda supposed to replace your moisturizer it is very nourishing and leaves your skin dewy looking. If it wasn't for the color you wouldn't be able to tell I am wearing anything on my face at all. I like that. Though I do recommend using powder on the T-Zone if you, like me, have oily skin!

Lasting Power: So i wore this a couple of times and I have to say in terms of lasting power and keeping your face from shining this product sucks. BIG TIME! Like seriously, 1-2 hours after application+powder my face looks like it has oil all over. With this product my skin looks even more oily than it would WITHOUT the product at all. I was really dissapointed as I was looking for an alternative from wearing my expensive foundation everyday that would provide slight coverage and look natural. I think this Beauty Balm could work really well if you have very dry to normal skin but anyone apart from that I highly recommend staying away from it! Or make sure you ALWAYS have enough powder or blotting papers with you!

CONCLUSION: If it weren't for the crappy color and making my face look greasy this could actually work pretty well. Unfortunately it does not seem to be the right product for me so I will pass it on to my sister who suffers from very dry skin.

If you want more reviews like this, let me know.
Love, V.


Summer in the City

Swarovski Flagship Store


Clothes: F21, Shoes&Bag: H&M

Vienna surely has the Best ART there is haha
Hey fellas,
just got home from lunch and Frozen Yogurt with Nina. Delicious Delicious. (Ill post the pics of my Vapiano food later on!). I just have to say, just like Carrie Bradshaw dated NYC, I feel like dating Vienna. For me it is like the best city in the world. Loads of culture, there is always tons of stuff to do, it is super artsy, just breathtakingly beautiful and rich in history if u ask me, and so much good food :-O
Plus rents are rather cheap haha So Nina and I slendered through Vienna this afternoon, checking out all the tourists, listenting to a boys choir that sounded like Tibethian 40 y.o. Monks haha and boy that FroYo was just AMAZEBALLS!
Hope you have a great week. And fingers crossed Italy wins the UEFA Euro 2012 ;-)
Lots of Love, V.


Get the Party started...

Just some random pics from thursdays Party at our favourite location, the Pratersauna. It was a very fun but also very odd night (some 20 y.o. kid wanted to explain to me that cuz i turn 23 this summer my life is practically over and that soon i will have to take whatever comes my way and what not...i thought it was just hilarious. ^^ ) Anyways, I look forward to yet another week of doing absolutely nothing and enjoying my hard earned freedom after 3 years of struggling. And I still have my Master studies ahead. On another note, did anyone watch the game yesterday? How gutwrenching was that?! THANK GOD Italy won or else I would have been devastated :-O Plus, Fernando Alonso won the Formula 1 GP in Valencia. So I can say in terms of sports alone it was a goddamn good weekend.
See ya, V.


Summer music

Here are some of the tunes I am currently listening (and yes, I might have a veeeeeeeeeeery diverse taste in music haha!):

These are just a few of the songs I am currently listening again and again...and YES I AM STILL LISTENING TO THE SPICE GIRLS! :-D
I even know almost every Backstreets Boys Song by heart...what can I say, the 90s had some goddamn good music LOLz


EURO 2012: The Players

So, right now every football fan around the world is joyfully watching the EURO 2012, hoping his/her team to succeed and surprisingly (though not really a surprise right haha) many women are watching as well. While I can not speak for all women, I know that some are just watching for the eyecandy aka pretty guys. Well, let's just say this...I am most importantly watching because I like the sport and not because of some pretty faces, but then again, a bit of eyecandy never hurts does it?! So here are my TOP 5 pretty faces of the EURO 2012:

Yohan Cabaye (France)

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Mats Hummels (Germany)

Niko Kranjcar (Croatia)

Simon Kjaer (Denmark)
So these are my favourites and no, don't get me started on Cristiano Ronaldo because a) I do NOT think that guy is pretty and b) he totally sucks in the national team which - thank god - means I do not have to endure too much of his "pretty face" on TV! Surprisingly none of the spanish players made it into the TOP 5. Maybe I've already seen enough of the Torres', Ramos' and Piqués' of this world hahahahaha

Ps.: How bad did the Oranjes play last night? I am shocked, angry and embarrassed. Not to mention angry because I bet 20€ that they'll win the entire tournament and these idiots play so bad...so bad! I almost wanted to cry. And I am usually TOTALLY against Germany but I have to admit yesterday was a well deserved win because at the end of the day, the Germans might not play the prettiest football (not that I would care anyways but some apparently do...) but they are usually always effective when it comes to scoring...Netherlands...obviously not so much! Fingers crossed Denmark moves forward to the quarter finals with them. NO MORE CRISTIANO, PLEASE!

Happy Thursday Ladies :-)


Arm Party

source: google.com

Ok so lately I've been like reaaaaaaaaally obsessing about armparties. You know, when u r wearing so many bracelets your arm's about to fall off haha
I've always loved the idea and sometimes wear it myself though it is pretty tough for me because I HATE bracelets that are too big and slide up and down my arm everytime i move. For some reason this really bugs the crap out of me...and unfortunately most bracelets are that big, plus I have ridiculously tiny wrists (dayum!). Which is the reason my I have tons of bracelets at home and actually always were the same ones (so much for diversity huh!?) , however, as already mentioned, they kinda gotten into me recently and now I find myself on a constant hunt for new ones and by now I probably already have about 30 bracelets on my ASOS, EBAY or Nelly wishlist hehe but no money to buy them all (too bad!!!).
What about you guys? Do you like this trend (is it really a trend, I think it's been around 4ever?!)?


Sunday Blues

Long time no see my fellas :-)
Finally some outfit pics again! Was with Nina today, had some delicious lunch at the new "Daniel Bakery"...though the service sucked! Personell was very rude if u ask me!
So for the next weeks...football reigns my life. Next to Formula 1, my #1 guilty pleasure haha So actually I was sure that Netherlans gonna make it this time (though I am usually a die-hard Italy fan) but somehow Denmark managed to play itself right into my heart LOLz....so r u guys watching? And who r u rooting for?


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Hey guys, you can follow me on instagram: @vmarton :-)
Some pics of my "world" and funny things that come along my way!

Love and Happiness, V.


Wishlist: JUNE

So this is what I wish for atm! Don't know why but recently I've been obsessed with Essie nailpolishes (or polish in genereal...need to get those horrible nails fixed HA!) and also jewelry! If u ask me, it is the jewelry that makes an outfit and really helps dressing it up or down! And as of now I am obsessing over bracelets mostly. I think I've already mentioned it on the Blog once, but I am not the earing kinda gal. I just can't get past the thought that I look absolutely ridiculous with earrings...even though I'd love wearing them. I just don't like the way 99.99% of all earrings look on me. I am also not that big of a necklace person, unless they're really filigree and not chunky whatsoever...unless, of course, they involve studs. I love everything with studs. I guess I'll always be a tiny punk at heart :-) But I do loooove rings (have tons of them!) and more recently I've been hooked on bracelets as well....so there you go, this is what I'd love to have atm:

Source: google.com, asos.de
Nailpolish Essie: Sew Psyched, Navigate Her, All tied Up
One thing I also really want to have are new Ray Ban sunglasses. I already have the original Wayfarer ones in Black but my favourite design is actually the Ray Ban Clubmaster. However, it seems almost impossible to get here in Vienna, plus they are like crazy expensive (talking about 160€ girls!)...hmmm MAYBE, just maybe I can get me some for my Bday in August?! Then again, I need new shoes as well...Dayum! After years of Festivals and nasty weather my Converse shoes are about to give up and I really like these Palladium ones because they are all black. And I'll be attending Frequency Festvial this year, so I definitely need the shoes in case the weather sucks. I REALLY NEED them haha you know what I mean don't ya?!



I am back...

Woooohoooooooooooooooo you guys, I am a bachelorette now :-D
Soooo relieved to finally have this degree in my pocket and never ever have to think about an exam like that again HAHA celebrations it is! Last few days I've been rocking Viennas Club Scene, today is no excusion!

source: google.com
By the way, as a treat for myself I bought Essie's "Fifht Avenue" and this red is to die for. It is not your classical red but more of a red with an orange hint to it, like tomatoes I would say. It looks absolutely gorgeous on my toes, I intend to wear this color all summer long...well at least on my toes. On another topic, my nails are completely ruined haha I don't know why, I was so anxious and nervous this whole time before the final exam and I started biting my nails (something I haven't done since...well Elementary schhon!) and they look horryfying now..well what's left of them HAHAHA OMG!
Anyways, gotta go now, Nina and I check out the Backyard Sale Event at our favourite Club Pratersauna!
Keep u updated!

Glad to be back, missed y'all!