The never ending story

avocado-salmon-pomelo salad with lime-olive oil dressing

DELICIOUS apricot dumplings

I am wearing a turquoise vintage blazer, F21 top and shorts, Aldo shoes and River Island clutch

Zara top and clutch, Jewelry from F21/pilgrim/I am

...we just can't get enough of our beloved "Freiraum" restaurant in Vienna. We always have so much fun when we're there, enjoying the most delicious food in all of Vienna, drinking homemade ice teas and the best cocktails in town :) And as usual we took our pictures afterwards for the amusement of all cab drivers waiting down the street. It was also the first time i wore my pink Aldo sandals which i bought 2 years (!!) ago in Dubai but never had the chance to actually wear them out (outfit/weather etc. reasons). So yeah, here they are. And even if they hurt i am planning of wearing them out more often in the future. Tomorrow Nina and i will pay a visit to "pure living bakery" to try out some of their delicious cakes and bagels. We've heard about that bakery before and the menu looks extremely promising. If you happen to be in Vienna you should definitely give it a try. We'll post pictures of the food and our outfits on the weekend ;) Stay tuned...

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