Tattoo Love

Hey guys,
Some of you might have already noticed that my girl Nina has a tattoo behind her ear. Well she's not the only one rocking this artform. I got one on the inner side of my lower arm (a self designed sign for friendship that is worn by me and my best friend) and a fairy on my lower back. I really am a sucker for tattoos and plan on getting some more. So i already got an appointment at the tattoo studio of my choice for december to FINALLY get my dream tattoo. The last to lines of William E. Henley's "INVICTUS" :

I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.

So, an enthusiastic person like me obviously shares the information of getting that exact tattoo on her rib cage with her closest friends. Now guys, see, that's where i made a huge mistake. I have this one friend, she's been probably one of my closest friends for 10 years now. We both have a thing for piercings and tattoo's though she doesn't have one yet. So when it comes to these things I always share information such as getting ink on my body with her. Exact same thing happened with the Invictus-tattoo that i'd been wanting for more than 18 months. And guess what?! Now SHE'S getting that damn tattoo! You're reading right. She just stole my idea and claim it to be hers. How ridiculous is that?! And she even pretends I NEVER told her anything about it when in reality at least 10 people know about it for a very long time. It really sucks to have "friends" like this. So this is where I need your help. Obviously i am not getting my dream tattoo anymore (duh!). So i wonder if any of you guys know nice quotes, poem lines etc. Anything that might inspire you and that you don't want to have tattooed on your body (of course i'm not a thief when it comes to tattoo ideas!). I'd be really glad about any creative input. Thanks a lot :)


Fête blanche

me (dress: Zara)

Viki (dress: ASOS)

wearing black shoes is a no-go

On our vacation-trip to Carinthia we celebrated my birthday at the "Fête Blanche", that takes place every year in summer (this year on the 22nd of july) and is a huge event with thousands of people having fun - all dressed in white. The whole city centre of Velden was closed down and you could literally dance in the rain, as it was raining heavily!
After our first stop at a party location we didn't really like, we decided to go to the "Glamour in White" Party in the Casino - which was a good decision :-), but we couldn't enjoy it for a long time. Unfortunately we had a bad sunburn - which turned out to be a sunstroke - I passed out and was feeling sick, Viki almost passed out and we had to go back to our hotel in the pouring rain without our umbrellas. Therefore were using a plastic trashbag as a rainshelter, but some drunken guys tried to take it away.
Sounds horrible, but back in the hotel we were just laughing about the whole situation :-). We had two possibilities - crying or laughing and we decided to make the best out of it.
Whenever people hear this story they think that this was our first and also last time there - but next year we want to party again there :-).


The advantage of going to a music festival...

...is that you happen to discover many new, relatively unknown bands that turn out to be nothing less than fabulous! :D Me and my girl Sandra were on our way to buy some Frequency Festival merchandise when this new band from London - Marner Brown - happened to be on stage, early in the afternoon. We instantly fell for them and ended up watching almost the entire concert. See, that's the good thing about festivals. You never know exactly what to expect ;) Apart from that, our favourite Bands at the Festival didn't dissapoint one bit either! As for our "shopping" trip. We both bought some amazing "Yippie yippie yeah" Deichkind sweatshirts which were heavily overpriced but we just couldn't help it ... haha


I never go out without my Dirndl

me (on the left) and my friend Syrmi

at the end of the night

hugging the giant bottle :-)

Last Friday I went to the "Neustifter Kirtag" in the 19th district of Vienna. At first I wasn't sure if I would find it because I live on the other side of the city, but as soon as I got out of the Metro and saw many people dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen I knew I just have to follow them :-). I was having a great time with my friends - the weather was great, we were eating Schnitzel, drinking wine, that I almost forgot to take any pictures! I promise next month - at the Wiener Wiesn, it will be similar to the October Fest in Munich - I will take tons of phots for you.


A picnic in the city

What's better for a birthday picnic than sushi <3
As you can see I was eager to start eating :D
Our view from the picnic place...beautiful Vienna!
In front of the "Stephansdom", Vienna's number one tourist spot
My beloved Nana opening the first bottle of champaign to celebrate my b'day

Hey guys,
as promised here are a few more pictures from my b'day picnic, organised by my beloved friend Nana. I really enjoyed that lunch combined with delicious champaign and we also had a lot of luck with the weather. All in all i had THE perfect birthday. Afterwards we strolled trough the city and Nana bought me a huge ice cream cone. Banana, coconut, vanilla and melon are my favourites! I am really looking forward to the next year of my life and all the awesome things still to come and can't wait to repeat that picnic next year. I love you Nana. Thanks for being such a great friend <3


My home is my castle

self-made Collage - I used Advertisments and Photos from Magazines

Shop-Window-Mannequin wearing one of my old Bikinis
a special Edition Absolut-Vodka bottle used as a book end

practical photo box

Since we already shared photos of our outfits, our favourite club, our vacation etc., I thought it would be a good idea to show you some decorations of my appartement. I live in my own little flat and I love it, because I can decorate it the way I want. As you can see, I like adding small details and also holiday-photos or funny postcards to my bookshelves. I get them when I'm on a holiday, for example my thai Buddha statue. A couple of years ago my computer broke down and I couldn't save my photos - that's why I always get my photos printed out, the small photo box I got at a store called "Depot" is a good way to store them.
Now I have to get ready for tonight - wearing my Dirndl for the first time :-) hopefully somebody manages to take good pictures.


Frequency Festival 2011: I'm packing...

I really tried to narrow it down to these items...for a beauty junkie like me,that is NOTHING :D

No Festival without my beloved Led Zeppelin Sweater...one of my best investments so far :)

Hey guys,
in less than 12 hours I am on a mission to "free Quency!" :D I am super excited since it's been a while since I've been to a music festival since my work and learning schedule never allowed me to attend one in the last years. Like many girls I always take way to much stuff with me when going on vacation but when it comes to music festivals less is ALWAYS more. Here's what I've packed so far, things that I consider essential when you go to any sort of festival... :

- Eye make up remover (since I cannot live without any sort of make up..or let's say I don't WANT to, ha!)
- Concealer Palette
- Sun Screen (essential when it will be hot and sunny)
- Face cleansing wipes
- Face cream (I usually use moisturizer made for babies)
- small toothpaste and my toothbrush in a Daisy Duck container (got it at H&M)
- minimalistic make-up (Foundation, Korres lip balm, mascara, Barry M eyeliner, MAC Club eyeshadow    which is my favourite, MAC Russian Red lipstick, UD primer potion and eyebrow pencils)
- small hairshampoo, shower gel and hand sanitizer (and yes i DO shower at festivals!)
- disposable camera
- plastic rain coat
- Ray Ban sunnies (duh!)
- vitamin pills and plaster (a friends whos a nurse is bringing pills for headache-very useful!)
- flashlight and batteries
- sweatshirt
- Body splash in Lime&Coconut from H&M

Wish me a nice trip and stay tuned for pictures,


We're gonna party all night...

ready to start the party with some Aperol Spritz

at the Sauna :-)

in the photo booth :-)

As you all may have noticed, we love to party at Pratersauna - it used to be a real Sauna a couple of years ago. This time we celebrated Viki's 22nd birthday, and like always, we were having a blast - great music, you can chill outside and the party goes on until the next morning. It has also become kind of a tradition to take photos on the toilettes there :-) all the other girls there are a bit shocked and laugh at us - but the background of the graffiti-like walls, the stone wall and the big mirror are perfect to make great pictures. What do you think?


Hey Shorty, i'ts my birthday

...hey guys, today is my birthday and i am over the moon,that's how excited I am :)
I already had a picnic with my fabulous Nana today. We chilled at one of Vienna's hot spots - the MQ - with some delicious champagne and ate sushi. Afterwards we went for a huge ice cream cone. Tonight I invited some girls over and afterwards we'll be at the beloved "Pratersauna". So stay tuned for some new pictures,coming tomorrow ;)


dinner for two...

Sometimes...the perfect dinner for two doesn't need to involve a man. All you need is a good girlfriend, delicious food and lots of gossip ;) These pictures were shot after our dinner @ Freiraum (best restaurant in all of Vienna...by far!) along a road filled with taxis. Me and Nina had plenty of fun while the people passing by probably either thought we're some stupid tourists or just vein :D But you know, sometimes this is just what you need to have a fun night out...and by the way, it didn't rain as it was said to be but we decided to take pictures of our lovely umbrellas (who doesn't like dots and butterflies haha)...


I wanna be free..

Salad with Chanterelle Mushrooms and Chili-Seasalt Bread

Ciabatta filled with Buffalo Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Rocket salad, Tomatos and Pesto
Green Ice Tea with Honey and Yuzu
Last week we had dinner at "Freiraum" - which means free room/space, that's why I chose the title of today's post. Freiraum is not new to us, we go there regularly, but it never gets boring. It's a mix of a restaurant, bar and lounge and you can go there all day and have breakfast/lunch/dinner or just cocktails. This time we were really hungry and obviously thirsty, because we forgot to take pictures of our drinks and the dessert - the molten chocolate cake is delicious there!
Next time we will take more photos and post them on the blog for you. We also took photos of our outfits, right next to a taxi rank - we were for sure the taxidriver's highlight of the night :-).


party o'clock

This time we were prepared for photo booth haha
Zara sweatshirt, Converse Sneakers, DIY cropped H&M jeans and my beloved Leo bag =) 
For those of you who might be interested: I am wearing MAC's "Russian Red" on my lips...best red lipstick in the world!!!!
H&M dress, Forever 21 jewelry

Hey fellas :)
Last weekend me and my girl Nina went to the infamous Pratersauna...again. The club is slowly but surely becoming our favourite party location. It is the perfect location to take all sorts of pictures (we decided...photo booth will be a tradition from now on), dance all night (finest electronic tunes) and to get to know the craziest,funniest and most entertaining people of all Vienna. And did i mention that the drinks are relatively cheap? So what are you waiting for?! =)