40 days and 40 nights

So apparently - if i am lucky - its 40 days and nights of work and then i am done with my internship.  So hopefully, by the end of March i am back in good ol' Vienna haha
Today it was so freaking cold in Hanover, it almost felt like my brain was about to freeze and i was so tired, i actually fell asleep at work, thank god nobody came in my office haha
This pictures were taken last Sunday on my weekend stay in lovely Vienna after lunch at Coffee Shop. Weather was actually quite good even though it was cold. Nina and I felt like typical tourists, strolling through the inner city and taking pictures haha I am wearing my wine red fake fur vest I got on Saturday at Forever 21. Man, I loooove Sale! For me, it is always kinda hard to find something nice at F21 as I think most of the clothes look like they're targeted at 15 y.o. teens loving all sorts of pop colors and prints. I don't know, I just think whoever is the buyer for the Austrian market does a pretty crappy job as i remember that the clothes overseas at F21 used to be much prettier and they had all sorts of stuff. But maybe it is just me. I'd rather have a Gina Tricot store or Topshop here. That i can work with. Then again, some of my most precious garments are from F21 because if you look closely enough you do find nice stuff...like my black leather skirt and vest, worn at new years day here.
Anyways, where do you guys like to shop? And are you more the "i like to try beforehand in the shop" or the "I'd rather order online and try on then" people?
Have a nice rest of the week, more outfits on the weekend :-)
xoxo V.