So this is it...we're stuck in the midst of winter. Nice....NOT! Oh how I was hoping I could soon start wearing my flowy dresses and Skirts and not so fat looking jackets..NOPE, winter has decided to stay for a while. But hey, what better way to stay awake at 6 a.m. in the morning on the way to work than almost freezing to death haha no complaning here LOLZ Then again, I do like snow, especially when it looks like glitter in the sun and I do think almost EVERY background on photos looks nicer when it is covered in snow hehe
Today was a typically lazy sunday except for the fact that half of my family is down with the flu which meant cooking 3 competely different meals (I don't eat wheat for the next 6 weeks and my brother wanted a special soup) and cleaning the house >.< But my mum is almost never sick and always works hard so I give it to her, laying down an entire day doing nothing is not something a mother of 5 can do very often! And I got to wash clothes...why is that interesting? Well, because I loooove putting clothes in the washing machine. I know, sounds like a crazy maniac, it is just there is something totally relaxing about it. I don't know, some people like yoga, I like washing clothes, choosing the detergent and fabric softener haha Oh my I really am a bit nuts I guess LOL Anyways, tomorrow work again, wish you all a wonderful sunday evening and a fabulous week!
xoxo V.


  1. I love your necklace!! Nice look!


  2. Great look!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  3. I love the entire color scheme of your outfit! I wish I lived somewhere that snowed! Just became an instant follower ! Love love the blog!
    ♥ candace from july+after