Manic Monday

First 3 pictures from here, the rest from here
The usual on a Monday, because we all like a little routine right? :-)
I totally dig this Pyjama pants trend from the first 3 pictures. Everyone who knows me, knows that I looove wearing comfy pants, a.k.a. sweatpants. It's what I wear at home all the time, and sometimes even outside, during summertime. And these pants look so comfy! Definitely keep my eyes out for these.
The rest is just some random pictures that I find pretty and inspirational. Maybe I'll put them on my inspiration board, a project I am currently working on. Nothing special, just a huuuge board with inspirational pictures, than I want on my bedroom/dressing room wall :-)
So, now I've got to get back to work (don't tell my boss I am writing this from the office hehe) and to you all the best for the week.
Love, V.