Dare I ?!

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Lately I've been extremely discontent with my hair. I just find it goddamn boring honestly. So i thought what in the world could I do without getting a shortcut (they don't suit me and I look too "nice" if u know what I mean haha)?
I've been following this ombre hairtrend for almost a year now and always loved it but never had the guts to actually do it (I even did my sisters hair ombre!). So now I am kinda in the mood to go to the next hairdresser and get ombre hair. Another trend that has really caught my eye lately is the dib dyed hair. This basically means ombre hair but in all colors of the rainbow. I actually had hair once like that, in the brightest red you can imagine. I was around 11 y.o. back then and begged my mum for weeks to let me dye my hair like that because I had a total girlcrush on Christina Aguilera and her hair in her "Come on over" music video LOL
So I don't know which hair I will end up with, just "natural" ombre or a bright colored ombre (preferably blueish or lilac). All I know is I've got to do something about my hair. What do you guys think? Should I do it or not?
On a sidenote: I indulged and got myself some superfancy Juicy Couture sunglasses. I've been dying to get sunglasses shaped liked that but I never couldn't find the right ones or just ones that wouldn't look like they'd break in a minute and today I was lucky. I even made a pretty good deal and saved loooooots of money on them as they were cheaper. Here are some pics (and yes, I know the pink case looks super cheesy...I'll get over it...someday ha!)

Have a nice weekend y'all :-) Love, V.

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