Winter Wonder Late....

Wearing  Cropped Jeans (Gina Tricot), Kanye West Shirt (Primark), Hoodie (Trish Summerville for H&M)

Same Outfit, different shoes

Wooooaaaahhh I thought I am still dreaming when I looked outside today? What happened? Apparently it snowed all night. Since I haven't really been in touch with snow all winter I though "Hey, why not throw on some clothes and get some pictures done?!" You know, the sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm in that outfit, seems like i perfected the method of layering clothes which is why they might seem a little tight in those pics but better than wearing one of those ugy jackets that make you look like a big ol' troll haha
And besides, it was time to flash my beloved Kanye shirt again, u know, it's been a while since it made an appearance on the Blog and I just love it too much :-)
Spent this afternoon with my sis' and bros' a.k.a. the kids playing in the snow and shooting lots of pictures of them. They're just too cute, 2 inches of snow and they already want to go skiing haha Now I feel like I've frozen close to death and sit at home, drinking hot chocolate yummy and listening to Madonna's new single "Give me your luv" Can't decide if I love or hate it but somehow the chorus is stuck in my head and hey, Madonna is the shizz! Ha...Anyways, wish you all a lovely weekend, more oufit pics ahead ;-)
xoxo V.


  1. you look stunning! perfect ;)

  2. sehr schönes outfit ...

    falls du lust hast, bei mir gibt es schuhe zu gewinnen ...

  3. cool look!


  4. Amazing outfit!! :D


  5. It looks sooooo cold! Love the t-shirt! x

  6. Aw LOVE LOVE LOVE the tshirt! x