Versatile Blogger Award

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Hey guys, something great happened the other day. We've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award...twice! How cool is that. Especially since Nina and I said from the beginning we want this Blog to be about all things us and what we love and not just fashion. So this really means a lot to us and that our effort actually works out haha
So now the "rules" of this awards suggest that we also award 15 other Blogs of choice and then tell 7 things about us. So first things first, the Blogs we want to award are:

Then follows seven things about us:
1) Nina and I went to school together for 7 years. And  now we're even going to the same university.
2) Nina has one older sister and I have 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers (I know, big family)
3) Nina and I spend so much time together that we sometimes even finish the other's sentence or think the exact same thing at the exact same time (We're working on that eye communication thing from How I met your mother LOL)
4) Nina and I rarely drink alcohol when we're out partying. We actually drink a lot of water (how NERDY!)
5) We decided to write a book about our dating experiences. You wouldn't believe the funny, strange and outrageous things that happened to us so far!
6) We create own names for people around us, kind of like nicknames. So that we can talk about them without anyone noticing haha
7) We both had the most outrageous sunburn last year, where we were totally swollen and could barely move and while others might cry, we made jokes about ourselves and laughed the whole time - though even that hurt hehe

Thanks so much for the support!
Love, Nina & Viktoria


  1. Thanks!!:)
    The Book about dating experiences sounds great!;)

  2. thanks love so so much; i hope you guys follow me back :)

  3. thank you very much, this is quite an honour, in spite of my blog being german ;)
    Love xx

  4. Congrats on getting the award!


  5. great post, congrats!
    loving your blog, now following :)

    follow back? aestheticjungle.blogspot.com

  6. that`s so sweet of you! thank you!xx


  7. This is such a wonderful treat! You are far too kind and beautifully generous to have picked my blog out of all the one's you follow! Thank you very much! X