Party Rock Vienna

We love our Cosmopolitan :-)

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Yippie Yippie Yeah what a fantastic weekend guys! My presentation for my bachelor thesis went smooth and Saturday evening Nina and I were out for drinks in one of our favourite Clubs - Platzhirsch. And guess what?! We saw Mc Dreamy, I swear. The guy we discovered was perfect from head to toe and he had this effortless coolness going on...swoon! Too bad he ended up talking to another girl...you know, thats always how it goes, you think about how to approach a guy and it takes you so long that someone else gets a shot...DAMMIT!! Anyways, it was a fun night with lovely drinks and good music and I was just glad I finally go to go out and dance after those stressful last weeks. It's not that I don't like Germany - God forbid! - and my internship is pretty cool too, but everytime I leave Vienna now it gets harder. I just love wandering trough the city, sleeping in MY bed (let's be honest, nothing's like sleeping in your own bed!) and just have all my stuff around me and not living out of a suitcase/my sisters closet. And brrrrrr it is so cold! If only the sun would shine...makes me all the more ambitious in planning my summer holidays. So far I've got Fete Blanche in Velden on my list and today me and my bestie added Barcelona. Sounds pretty solid to me :-) Maybe we'll add a music festival later on this year...you'll never know. What about you guys? Any plans for summer as of now?
Stay tuned for more outfits coming your way this week, love V.


  1. aaah das platzhirsch-klo. da habe ich auch schon hunderte fotos gemacht. nur seh ich auf keinem noch so bezaubernd aus wie ihr, sondern eher wie ein untoter zombie^^
    die outfits sind echt super :)