Tattoo Love - Part 3

Hey guys :-)
After I've already shown you my newest tattoo back in October I thought why not showing you the rest of them?! So here they are. The fairy on the first 2 pictures was my second tattoo. It sits on my lower back.I love it. I love fairies, they have this mystique and innocence going on and I think they are just supercute. I know there are all sorts of people who think that a tattoo must have a super special, philosophical meaning but I just think you really need to love it no matter what you get. I mean, that fairy probably doesn't have a super deep meaning, but it just reminds of a very special time in my life and for me that was enough to get it. My first tattoo ever on the other side does have a very special deeper meaning to me, it is a self designed sign for friendship that me and my bestie, Ines, basically painted when we were 14 and back then we decided that once we're 18 and still best friends we'll get that tattoo (and NO! it is no chinese/japanese sign for anything HA!). And here we are today, more than 10 years after we first met and we're still close friends and I love her to death! She's wearing that same exact tattoo also on her wrist.
My third tattoo I already posted here. Its a pink bow between my hips. I am currently thinking about getting another - loooong wanted tattoo - talked about it here. Anyways, I do really love tattoos though I would never get something really big or extremely colorful. In my mind I limited myself to 5 tattoos. I know there are a lot of people who think tattoos are ugly and cheap (even my own sis) and I respect that. I myself think it is an art form and a thing of personal preference. For me it depends on what you get, where you get it and MOST IMPORTANTLY how you wear it :-)


  1. I LOVE your tattoos! Especially the fairy one :)
    I've got two both very meaningful :)
    Em xxx

  2. Looks wonderful - especially the first one... love it if people select tattoos with a meaning for them...

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  3. Love the fairy :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! nice post!


  5. i love your tattoo's. i believe tattoos are a great expression of art and creativity. I currently have four. lol maybe i should limit myself to a certain amount too. Maybe one day ill do a post about my tattos. please check out my blog at http://loveambam.blogspot.om