The Green Lantern

Skirt, Bag (Zara), Shoes (Pieces), Tights (Asos), Blouse (H&M), Sunglasses (Ray Ban), Scarf (Primark)

I absolutely love this skirt...a purchase during color blocking season and so totally worth it. It pimps every outfit, and looks best when paired with one single other color, like black or white. And best thing of all, the skirt was supercheap :-)
Shot this pictures on Sunday and you cannot see in the pictures but it was actually raining and somehow the sun still managed to come through a bit! Classical April weather what we would call it, but hey, no problem with that if it means May-weather is just around the corner LOL
So this week is superbusy, lost of work and I also have to finish my "disposition" for my second bachelor thesis before friday and I just started today...aaaaahhhh recently laziness is my second name. I just find it really hard after 3 pretty tough months at university to still motivate myself to do anything. Fingers crossed I'll finish on thursday. This weekend I'll fly back to Vienna (again) to present the Disposition at the University. I decided to stay a day longer until Sunday so that Nina and I can go out, something I am in desperate need for, all the working and sleeping got me longing for a night full of cocktails and booty shakin' HAHA
I hope y'all have a wonderful and relaxing week and better weather than I have here.
Love V.


    now I'm a follower of your lovely blog :)

    kisses from Spain!
    Happiness Everywhere♥

  2. cute shoes,now am following your blog...........


  3. nice blog! :-)