It's raining men...

....if only! I could really use a man right now HA! Oh my I am so beyond tired right now. Apparently public transport effin' hates me these days. Missed my train for work beginning of the week, missed my train home because the tram had technical issues, almost missed my flight to Vienna on Wednesday because there was an accident and no trains were going, flight back to Hannover had 70 minutes delay because of the weather...yikes!!! For me this means I am totally stressed out and lack of sleep like reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad!  I almost fall asleep typing this ^^ Anyways. Guys I so miss Vienna. I never even realized what an awesome, beautiful, cool city it is. I guess sometimes one needs to be away to realize there's no place like home. Oh how i miss my bed, my sofa, how I'd love to stroll through the city on weekends, grab a burger from Mc Donalds or go for a cup of coffee...not really possible where I live now....On the bright side, only 54 more days of work aka my Real Estate project management internship! I already have a list of things i need to do asap I am back living in Vienna :-)
Stay tuned, xoxo V.

Ps.: Pictures taken by my 10 y.o. brother, thank god he didn't let that camera fall :-O


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW OMG ur jewellery looks amazing where did u buy all this stuff i love it !!!!!

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    lovely greetings MAC :)


  2. Wonderful look and your clutch is great...

    I am sure your next week will get better... :-)

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  3. Great look,those shoes are fabulous. I love your style and your blog, I;m definitely following now. please keep in touch :)

    violetheart xxoo

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  5. Tolles Oufit und toller Blog, ich verfolge dich jetzt :) Arbeitest du in Hannover?

    LG Julia

    1. Hey Julia, danke :-)
      Und ja,ich arbeite bis Mitte April in Hannover.

    2. Wie oft bist du denn in Wien? Kommst du dann im Mai wieder nach Österreich?


    3. ich wohne eig in wien :-)
      absolviere nur gerade ein praktikum in hannover!