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So these are my current favourites on my wishlist...beauty-wise :-)
Even though I have my all time favourites in terms of perfume that I really identify with and feel like they represent me (I'll talk about it in another post) there is always room for new scents right?! I mean it is not like a girl could have too many perfumes LoL So I really like Jimmy Choos new fragrance (think it is the brands first as well). It perfectly lingers on your skin and makes you feel like your just smelling good without having any chemicals on. I am very picky when it comes to scents, I prefer smells that make you think you just stepped out the shower or are just "naturally" smelling good. If that makes any sense?! So the next one, Prada's "Candy" is a rare exception. There is just something about it that intrigues me, maybe it is my love for caramel? Next on my list is my all time favourite - and best in my book - mascara, Lancome's Virtuose. It is the only mascara, when applied, I get asked if I am wearing fake lashes without wearing fakes! I swear! Unfortunately it is really expensive so I might just use up those mascaras I have right now and MAYBE indulge and buy it later. Next on is PINK nail polish. I don't know but as of now i am really drawn to all sorts of light pink, bubblegum, baby pink...you name it! So it comes as no wonder I'd love to have Chanels "May" from their Spring collection and O.P.I.s "Pink Friday" from their Nicki Minaj Collection. Since OPI is cheaper i think i'll skip the Chanel one. As long as I get my nails pink hehe
Finally on my list is Benefits "Bella Bamba" Blush which I think is perfect for spring and perfect for rather pale skin. I love Benefit blushes (Sugar Bomb is my all time fave blush!) and their packaging is too cute. Also the product lasts forever & is top quality. And then there's Lush's "Big" shampoo. Don't ask me why but recently I am on a volume trip, which means my hair can never have enough of it. I never really realized but having lots of hair (like I do) doesn't equal having volume. This shampoo has really good reviews in terms of shine, smoothness and volume so I think I'll give it a try as i love Lush Hair products.
What do you guys currently have on your wishlist?
xoxo V.


  1. I can totally recommend Bella Bamba!


  2. haha soulmates - you know i also love jimmy choo's perfume and prada candy.
    btw you could have some of my volume!!

  3. Love the selection and there a few items I found at home also... :-)

    Thanks for sharing...

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  4. I love the new Chanel polishes... I jot the June one :)