Tattoo Love...Second edition

This was my "inspiration"

This is the actual tattoo...pink of course :-)

Hey you guys....I DIT IT! :D
I finally got my pink bow tattoo...took me about ages to have the guts and the money haha although it's not my first tattoo I was scared as hell since I don't like needles, however, it didn't hurt half as much as i anticipated it (good for me by the way LOL). Anyways, I got this tattoo, right in the middle of my hips...you could say it is above my vagina...and yes, you're reading right ;-) I really love the outcome, it is much prettier in real life and I am over the moon in love with it! The guy who made it it an actual artist and so I was very confident in letting him do it, you know, finding the right tattooist is kind of as hard/important as finding the right gynaecologist...not everybody can do the job!Do you have any tattoos or plan on getting one?!


  1. Hey, it looks really beautiful! Could you possibly post the name of the tattoo-artist? Would be great! :)

  2. This is the facebook page:

    Just click through the photogallery, his name is Marius! He's extremely talented! :-)

  3. I used the same "inspiration" for my ribbon tatto. It's on my back between my shoulders and it looks awesome :)