Manic Monday

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Germanyyyy....guys I am back in Germany. Not really sure though if i should be excited or not. Don't get me wrong, I like Germany. And I also like being with my family...it's just, nothing feels like home you know :-)
I just love Vienna, it's an awesome city, I know it very well, I know people here, I can't really say that for Germany. Only people I know there are the ones from my family aka my mum and my sisters and brothers. I am staying for the next couple of months so I find it a bit depressing that I can't really go out party or whatevs because I don't really know anyone my age (closest to that is my sis which is 17 *cough* I am *cough* 22 *cough* haha). Tomorrow starts my internship and I am really excited and nervous what's about to come. I just hope that I won't make a fool out of myself and that people are nice :-)
The pictures above kind of represent my feelings at the moment or more certain the mood i want to get into...you know, feeling kinda like a free spirit, just doing things without analysing or thinking beforehand (mayne a new bright haircolor? a new tattoo?), just enjoying little things in life and be more laid back and relaxed as the last months were pretty intense and stressful (thank u university!!!). I just can't wait for summer to come...xoxo V.


  1. Really great post - can completly understand your opinion - also living in Munich currently...

    Have a great start of your week and all the best with your internship!

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  2. die haare sind ja der hammer :) *gg* das wär mal was ;)

  3. Hey danke für deinen entry... :) klar schreib ich mal! ;D tolle Bilder..!
    Viel Spaß in Deutschland und Jaaa Vienna is an awesome City!! :)
    Viele liebste Grüße! :)