Happy Happy Happy

OMG you guys I am soooo excited. My bestie, Ines (seen in this post), won this years' Orbit Smile award!!! This competition looks for the most beautiful smile in all of Austria and who would be better to win this than my bestie Ines. She's always bubbly, laughing all the time and she's drop dead gorgeous (duh!) so basically it was ment for her to win this thing. Fun fact: just recently her car broke and now she's won a totally new one :) Can't wait to cruise around the city in her Smart For2 car! She totally deserved this. She's been by best friend for over a decade now and she never disappointed. She's like a sister to me and I am so exited, I just had to share the news...Woooooooooohooooooooo :)
So now I'll dedicate this song to her because that's exactly what runs trough my mind everytime I see her:


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