August favourites

As some of you might already know i am a beauty junkie :) So i thought i share with you my favourite products but also other things that i really loved during the month of August!
  • Korres lip butter in pomegranate gives just the nicest light pink tint EVER. And it does wonders on  chapped lips!
  • MAC: I loveeeee Pink Nouveau. For me it is just the perfect Barbie Pink color. And if you wear it combined with black eyeliner and big lashes it looks sooo cool...at least in my opinion :) I got the "Steamy" eyeshadow as a birthday gift from a friend and i am head over heels in love with it as i think it really suits everyone but especially girls with brown hair! It is my second favourite MAC eyeshadow which leads me directly to my all time favourite. CLUB. There's no better eyeshadow in this entire planet!!! I swear. It is the perfect day and night color depending on how you apply it. It is the most versatile eyeshadow. I will never stop using this. In fact, i use it EVERY time i go out and at least 3 times a week. I guess that says it all haha
  • Nivea Lash revolution mascara is actually really great, used it a couple of years ago and fell all over in love again. And the best part? I got 50% off haha
  • Bourjois creme blush. I swear by this during summer time when i am tanned as it gives you such a healthy and nice glow on your cheeks. Maybe i keep using it during winter time. I just adore it to much.
  • The Baby Face cream is really soothing for my sensitive skin and i think it also helps with breakouts.
  • I guess it is common knowledge that parabens and silicones are extremely damaging for your hair over the long term even though they are in most drugstore hair shampoos. So i am always on the hunt for shampoos that are free of these 2 ingredients. Normally I used to stick to LUSH shampoos as i really like them and the are "au naturel". But they are rather pricey so i was happy as i found Garnier natural beauty. Their coconut& cocoa shampoo and this one are free from parabens or silicones and they do magic to my hair. I swear. I sometimes even skip conditioner as my hair already feels so soft from the shampoo alone. And it is very cheap. It costs me only 1,95€ compared to LUSH's 9-20€ for a shampoo! Give it a try, you won't regret it!
  • Elnett hairspray. Do i really have to say much about this? There is a reason why most hairstylists during Fashion Weeks use this. It's the best!

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