Falling for Fall

"Über allem die Liebe" that means Love above all

Here are just a few snapshots from yesterday - we wanted to go to the Pure Living Bakery again, but it's closed on sundays. Therefore we went to the third district to Rochus, and than just making photos at the fountain above.
I hate winter, so I'm always a bit scared when summer's ending and you can already feel the crisp air and see the leaves falling of the trees. But this year I think I will enjoy fall a bit more - all the colours of the trees, starting to wear boots/scarves, drinking tea, wearing dark nail polish instead of bright colours, starting to bake again (I love to bake, but in my tiny appartement it gets really hot!!)... I will write a list and put it someplace, where I can see it all the time, just as a reminder for myself - I'll post my fall to-do List in the next days.
Any suggestions, what I should do this fall?
Have a great week guys!

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  1. Really pretty photos! And I really like your blog!
    I can totally understand what you feel, because I hate winter too, I mean fall is really pretty- all those awesome colors and the nostalgic feeling. But I want summer back so badly!!

    maybe wanna follow each other? :)