Frequency Festival Action

I know I am a little late on this but I finally get to share some pics with you from my best Festival so far - Frequency 2011. Me and my friends enjoyed some absolutely amazing and mindblowing concerts: Foo Fighters killed it, I got to see The Kooks first row, Deichkind gave the most extravagant show EVER, Kaiser Chiefs were fabulous as usual, Kaizers Orchestra are fun dancing to, and Marner Brown which we saw "by accident" and I am madly in love with ever since we came back and I checked out some more of their music. I really love music festivals as they get people from many different places together to share their love for music, it is always fun - even when the weather sucks - and you get to see so many awesome bands and often discover new ones. If you ever think of attending a festival in Austria I totally recommend this one as not only the bands are always superb but also the camping area is fantastic. You don't have to walk for hours and the best thing of all: There's a river where you can sit in and relax if the sun burns down. I might post some more pictures as I still do not have all the pictures that my friends made and maybe I get to post some videos as well. Until then, stay tuned....xoxo
ps.: please excuse the lower quality of these photos as these were taken with a rather "cheap" camera, nobody takes their high quality camera to a festival anyways :-)

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