Surf WorldCup 2012 ... and stuff

Just a bunch of random pics from the weekend :)
Most of them were taken Friday when I had the honor of wearing a special guest band at the annual Surf Worldcup Opening at Podersdorf. The weather treated us nicely and I had a great deal of fun partying with my friend Ines...though I have to admit next time I better bring sunscreen with me...FAIL lol
Anyways, in the pics u see my stash of make up I brought with me to get styled for the night parties...nothing more fun then getting your makeup done in a car with bad lighting, I ended up looking like a racoon and like I had put on different things on each half of my face...HILARIOUS :-D
I also wore my new shoes from F21, 5 € and I already feel like they are an investment for lifetime, IF they survive that long haha. Nailpolish is from Essie, Mint Candy Apple. Got it with my last Glossybox and I have to say I really dig the color and it has amazing staying power. Put on Friday morning and it still looks perfectly, and we all know its an amazing color right?!
Have a nice Sunday y'all...I am now going back to sleep HAHA

xx, V.

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