The Big Reunion

 So this weekend Nina and I celebrated our big reunion after almost 2 months apart. Cheesy I know :D
We partied with cosmopolitans beforehand and later on went to one of our favourite locations in Vienna, the infamous Pratersauna. Definitely a place to check out if you like to shake your ass to some nice electro tunes. There even is a pool that is open during summer time haha Anyways, on Sunday we saw The Hunger Games as was already mentioned and I have to agree with Nina, the book was better. I also do not think that they made the best casting choices, especially for Peeta and Katniss. But then again, it is impossible to please everyone and it could've been worse. I mean, it definitely was a good movie. However, nothing ever comes close to the epicness that were the last 2 Harry Potter movies, i cannot recall when I've cried that much last  time while seeing a movie (probably The Lion King haha).
This week will be filled with awesomeness. Tomorrow my mum and my 2 brothers and 1 of my sisters will come and visit me - hence I spent the entire day cleaning my appartment LOL - and we'll go shopping, eating (ice cream, pasta, cupcakes...the whole program) and sightseeing. Man it is so good to be back in Vienna.


  1. Wow i like it♥

  2. Hey! I just found your blog and I think it's pretty amazing, well structured and with a lot of inspiring posts:)
    If you want we can follow each other, I would be very glad to have you as my new friend!:X

    1. Hey Laura, just started following your blog. It is AMAZING!!!! Such beautiful pictures and great outfits :-)

      Love, V.