Fashion Against Aids

So the annual H&M Fashion against Aids collection launched today and I just couldn't resist. I've been eyeing this collection ever since pictures surfaced months ago and if I'd had the money, I'd probably have bought the entire thing HA! I just love this hippiesque free spirited feel of the collection, it feels like everyday is woodstock u know :-) I also desperately wanted to get the skirt in this collection but unfortunately it was sold out around midday which pretty much sucks. I still think I might pick up one of the rain-ponchos as they are really cheap (around 5€) and maybe that one big feather earring though I am normally so not an earing person, I just kinda always feel stupid wearing earrings and wear bracelets and rings instead - makes sense does it?!
So this is what I picked up today, VISA is to thank haha:

Source: google.com
I have a weekend filled with action ahead and I intend to wear these things, so I'll keep you updated on the outfit-picture front :))

xx, V.

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