Blogger get together

Source: Google.com
As Nina and I already mentioned earlier on our Blog, we would love to meet some of our fellow Bloggers from Vienna. So this is an official shout out to all of you fashion addicted nerds (haha), WE WANT YOU!

So if you are a Blogger or just would love to meet up with us, leave a comment and we'll get in contact with you. We would love to get to know new people who share our passion for fashion. And u know what they say: sharing is caring! ;-)

This advertisement was sponsored by.....haha just kidding. It does kinda sound like some sort of wicked partnership advertisement though, doesn't it?! LOLz

Lots of Love, V.


  1. Fänd ich super, vielleicht finden sich ja ein paar zusammen :)

    LG Julia

  2. yeaaaah - I finally wanna meet you guys,.. haha :D

    just kidding can't wait for our shopping spree!

    1. can't wait either :) I'll bring my camera as well!