So the last 1 1/2 days I spent at my grandparents house in the countryside of Styria - what one may call the green heart of Austria :-)
I tell u guys, there is no place like grandma's, I swear if I'd constantly live here, by now I'd be already rolling around because I'd be so fat I couldn't move haha My granny has to be the best cook in the world, no matter if it's soups, meat, dessert she kills it all! Whenever I am at her place I am constantly eating. Too bad she always makes my favourite dishes too when I pay a visit. My brother shot this pictures of me right in my grandpa's garden, which by the time summer has arrived always blossoms so beautifully! I already see myself sitting in the garden and reading all those books I want to read but never have the time to once I passed my final exam to gain my bachelor's degree.
So this weekend are the Easter holidays. What r u guys up to? Tomorrow I'll spend the day with my bestie, evening out with another close friend of mine, Sunday easter lunch at me besties parents' house and going out again in the evening. Oh guys, I tell ya, LIFE IS GOOD :-)
Have a lovely weekend my dear readers,
Love, V.

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  1. schöner blog :-)
    dein pulli gefällt mir total gut !

    vielleicht hast du ja lust mal bei mir vorbeizuschauen? würde mich wahnsinnig freuen <3