Fake leather/Fur vest (F21), Jeans Shirt (H&M), Grey leather bag (H&M), Shoes (ASOS)
Oh how I love denim. And leather. And fake fur. Seriously, if u'd ask me what my favourite fabrics would be, forget about satin, silk and chiffon. Leather and Jeans is what I am talking about. I feel most comfortable during warm summer days just throwing on a pair of jeans (long or short doesnt matter) and a plain simple mens shirt together with leather boots. Easy as that I tell ya. And I think leather makes every outfit fierce. Though one has to have the guts to wear it.
Nina shot this pics somewhere in the midst of Vienna when we were "fishing" for sunrays as the weather currently isn't treating us that well. But hey, one can always go back to loads of crap food (chocolate anyone?!) and watching all episodes of Sex and the City. That s*** never goes out of style ;-)
So this weekend I am a prisoner of my own appartment, preparing for 2 exams next week, almost the last ones until I can finally call myself Bachelorette. Regarding my universitary future I have some big anouncements to make in the next few days. STAY TUNED!
Love y'all, V.

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  1. Wiedermal ein richtig klasse Outfit! Tolle Kombi aus Lederweste und Jeanshemd! I LOVE! :)



    1. Danke :-) <3 Ich liebe diese Weste einfach!