Top 5: Blushes

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So up next in my Top 5 Beauty series are my Top 5 Blushes. You guys might not know that for me, blushes are one of my most favourite things make-up wise next to Lipsticks. I do however not own that many Blushes since the high quality ones are usually very expensive and once I have a Blush I really like I tend to stick to it. My favourite Brand for Blushes is definitely Benefit! From the packaging to the smell and the product itself, their Blushes are perfection! So here are my top 5:

Benefit Hoola: Best Bronzer there is. I love this since it gives you a nice tanned look but without the usual glitter that comes in a lot of Bronzers, this one is completely matte. Nice color payoff as well!

Maybelline Moonlight Mauve: Mineral Blush with slight glitter/shimmer to it. I only use this for going out at night as it does have some hints of glitter to it. Love the color though, gives you a fresh-faced glow :-)

Benefit Sugarbomb: My holy-grail Blush. This one I can wear throughout the entire year no matter how pale or tanned I am. This always suits me. The gold quarter of it adds just the right amount of glow without looking glittery or unnatural. I will always go back to this one. Smell is awesome as well! Good job Benefit!

Smashbox Intermix Fusion Highlighter: I use this as a highlighter/Bronzer whenever I am tanned. But i only use this one on my cheeks to give me a glow and a light tan. Since I have oily skin I'd never put shiny things on my T-Zone haha I like this product though, it does look supernice when you're tanned!

E.L.F. Pink Passion: This is one supercheap but awesome product. For those of you that do not want to spend huge amounts of money for blush I definitely recommend the entire E.L.F. range. They do have great colors. I love this one because it is perfect for Spring, when I am still pale and want just some rosy cheeks.

What are your favourite Blushes? Any recommendation?
Love, V.


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  2. I don't normally use blusher but this has inspired me to try some out! I love Benefit's packaging! xx