The Pants

 Got this pants a while ago from Zara and unfortunately TOTALLY in the wrong size! Tried them on in Size S and accidentally bought them in Size XS. I discovered my mistake when it was too late and I had already removed the price tag which means no return. Sucks. Especially since they looked so fierce in size S. A bit loose but not too much so that they would drift into pyjama pant territory. Well I guess this means I'd better shed those 2 pounds I gained here in Germany as soon as I am back in Vienna because I have no intention of letting those pants rot away in the back of my closet just because of my stupidity to double check before purchasing and removing the price tag. I really like them, especially with the detailing of the white stripe on the side. They make a perfect cool, chilled black outfit and depending on the mood I can dress up or down!
So today I took some snapshots as it will be the only day with moderate spring weather (bits of sunshine and nicer temperatures u know...)
I am thinking of doing a foundation review in my next post as I got a new about 2 weeks ago and I reaaaally like it. What do you guys think about that? Would u like more reviews on this post?
Happy Saturday, LOVE V.

Ps.: On a side note, Formula 1 is back, how frikkin' a-some!!! HAHA


  1. HAST DU ETWA DIE HAARE ABGESCHNITTEN? !!! Deine schönen langen Haare!!!!

    ps. ich freue mich auch schon auf f1


    1. Haha OMG Nein, die stecken nur im Pulli drin, hatte nen Bad Hair Day und die Faulheit hat gesiegt ;-)

      Und du schaust auch F1?
      Find ich sehr cool, wir gehören da ja eher eine seltenen Spezies an xD


  2. Looks gorgeous... love your style... and yes - "more reviews" are welcome...


    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin

  3. Bei Zara kann man eh auch mit abgerissenem Preisschild umtauschen, ist kein Problem!

    Die Hose sieht sehr genial aus!


  4. das outfit sieht sehr stark aus

  5. haha, ich lese gerade mit Erleichterung hier im Kommentar, dass deine haare noch dran sind, uff :D
    schönes outfit!