Sunday after Shopping

Pants (Zara), Turtleneck Sweater (H&M), Flower (Zara), Bag (Primark), Jewelry (H&M, Primark, Gina Tricot)

 There you go, first Outfit wearing some of my new stuff aka the pants! I love them. I've always wanted to wear Palazzo Pants because they always look so fancy yet effortless but somehow I never found the right ones that wouldn't make me look too short and too fat haha I know that those pants on the pics do not elongate my legs but I think I can pull them off quite nicely and they are so super comfy, I already know I'll be wearing these a lot more once summer has arrived. I also wear my new platform heels here as well. They are the most comfortable shoes ever! It's like you're wearing flats, definitely a wise purchase as I have tons and tons of shoes at home that I rarely ever wear because they torture my feet the second I put them on (too bad!). Anyways, I also made some minty purchases yesterday as it is - by no surprise - the color of the season. I absolutely love the bag from Primark. They had it in ALL colors imaginable and at one time in the store I found myself with 9 of these in different colors but then I though that might be a little too nuts haha
So now I am back in my comfy clothes, drinking some hot chocolate and eat some cake that my mum made (there definitely are benefits when you live with your parents haha) and now I'll watch a movie and relax because guess what...I've finished my bachelor thesis. So now it is no longer in my hands and I can lean back and relax a bit! Somehthing I definitely need.
Have a lovely Sunday y'all,
xoxo V.

Ps.: Nina i miss u :-)


  1. I love the print and color of trousers!And they look really nice on you!!:)

  2. the countdown is on :-)
    on march 31 -> soulmate reunion BIG TIME haha

  3. The pants are amazing and I love the color of the bag. So cute!



  4. great blog and amazing outfit.I followed you:)