Mint Candy

Yes...I am infected by the pastel color trend. I've always love baby pink though its always been hard to find something that has just the slightest hue of pink so you can guess my excitement when I discovered that sweater. I instantly bought it and it was my first purchase on Saturday. Thanks Mango :-)
Anyways, I'd have loved to wear this outfit without black tights but unfortunately Spring is all there as of now. But hey, it ain't raining, it ain't freezing, so i won't complain. So I definitely want to buy some more things in cupcake colors this season, most of all I am looking for the perfect white skinny jeans to match with my light pink sweater. I think it would look amazing, especially with gold accessoires. Oh Boy, I do love Spring and Summer. Even though Black - not typically a summer color - will always be my favourite color, I do prefer dressing up when it is warm outside :-)
Ahhh Spring come out come out whereever you are!
Have a lovely week girls!
Love you, V.


  1. Black's always my favorite wardrobe color too but definitely thinking about trying mint these days, love that Mint shirt! Spring/Summer is my fave too <3

  2. This light pink and mint color looks sooo nice together!!

  3. Baby pink and baby blue! Cute pairings you have there :)


  4. I love the pastles, the mint green bag is gorgeous!

  5. where did you buy the shoes?