Review: Clinique Even Better Foundation

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So I bought this foundation a little over 2 weeks ago and I've been wearing it practically everyday except for Sundays. As of now I am totally head over heels in love with it and here's why:


- Finish: I have never in my entire life come across a foundation that looks SO natural and invisible on your skin but at the same time gives good coverage. I swear, it is unnoticeable. And it totally covers all the spots or brown acne scars around my face. Even my colleagues at work asked me what I had "done" to my face because my skin is glowing. It also gives you a light dewy finish and doesn't look dull at all!
- Ingredients: Like all Clinique Foundations, this one does not contain any perfumes or harsh chemicals at all which is great because even though I have combination skin and some spots from time to time, I DO have sensitive skin. There are foundations that make me break out like madly! Big plus for this one.
- Functionality: This foundation is supposed to help even out ones skintone and it definitely does help me! I can not guarantee the same results for everyone but my dark brownish/redish scars from former acne do fade much quicker than they would normally. Also I sometimes get red around the cheek area and this foundation gives me just a nice, healthy looking even skintone. It does what it promises. LOVE!
- SPF: This foundation contains SPF 15 which for me is a huge plus, never go without sunprotection!

Neither Pro nor Con:

- Lasting Power: This Foundation is very nourishing to the skin, hence, if you have oily skin and want something completely mattifying, this might not be the foundation for you. I definitely do have to use powder throughout the day with this one, but as I usually always carry blotting papers with me, this is not a letdown for me. It really doesn't bother me because this foundation looks so much more natural than all the super long lasting ones. And it does stay on your skin, it may just not be as mattifying as for example my Estee Lauder Double Wear.


- Price: It cost me 28€ which is pretty much considering I am a student and I wear Make-up regularly. Then again my Estee Lauder Double Wear costs almost 10€ more so I guess I'll just have to deal with- Still, I think they could be a little bit cheaper!
-Packaging: I usually prefer foundations with a pump or an open lit where I can easily control how much comes out. This one has none of the above and it is sometimes hard to get out the exact right amount that I need on my face. I am afraid i might use too much and coming at 28€ per piece, this is not funny. Sort that out Clinique! Immediately!
- Color Range: I myself got the PERFECT match for my skin tone which is Ivory. However, in most stores it is the lightest color and it still seems a little dark for those REALLY pale ones out there. Plus, once I'll get a tan I think it will also be harder to get the right color as the other available colors are all relatively dark and close to each other and seem to have more of a yellow undertone?! A bigger range would be nice as it is over all a great foundation.

I love this foundation! And as long as it doesn't break me out or I find one that is cheaper but has the same amazing natural finish, I'll definitely repurchase this one! It is a great product!


  1. danke für den review! Werde mir die auch mal anschauen.


  2. This seems like such a lovely product! Do you know what it's like for dry skin? <3

    Ellen xx

    1. I am not sure Ellen. From personal opinion I would totally say yes because I feel like its a very moisturizing foundation, almost too much for my combination skin, but I recommend going to a Clinique Counter and ask there :-) Maybe I can try it on my sisters face in the next days, she has super dry skin and then I'll get back to you and tell you the result ;-)

      Love, V.

  3. Also used this one for months... and have to agree to your review... very good...


    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin