I Fell in L.O.V.E. at the Seaside

 I love that song! Do you guys know it? It is from the Kooks (legendary band) and unfortunately only 1:40 minutes long --> too short if u ask me! However this songs gets me in such a summer mood :-) For some reason sun decided to take a break this weekend but that didn't mind me as in my head i already lie on the beach in Barcelona and sip a big fat Caipirinha cocktail LOLZ
So apparently this week, on thursday, public transport in Hanover was on a strike and it was a total chaos. Lucky for me, a colleague from work picked me up. Bad for me, after work there was no getting through by car, traffic jam at its finest, so I had to walk 4km to the train station all by myself and weather was not the nicest >.< Then again, now I can pretend that I did loads of workout for this week and stay lazy for the comin' week haha but hey, sports can't be everybody's strong suit right?! I'd rather take a walk to my fridge and get something to eat...when we're at eat, mom made another cake, so now I'll have to get a slice before my sis' and bro's eat all of it!!! HAPPY SUNDAY :-)

xoxo, V.

Ps.: I know, pink sweater again...just love it too much!!! 

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  1. Love your whole outfit, the leopard pattern thights are a nice touch :)

    Katie Called Me Lucifer