Polka Dot

 I still needed to show u guys my outfit from last weekend. I wore my grandma's Vintage Polka Dot skirt that I found in my sisters closte. It is just too cute :-)
I feel like last week Spring finally came along, the weather has been nice ever since and I try to be outside as much as I can despite the fact that I have to sit in an office all day long! The coming half of the week will be my last in Germany, on thursday I'll be on my way back to Vienna. I feel like a little child right before Christmas. I am counting the days until I get to meet all my friends again, drink coffee at my favourite places, grab some delicious Cupcakes and eat PASTAAA haha
This weekend will be filled with Bachelor thesis stuff (just when u though you're finished...) and some chillig. I also think of taking a tour with my sisters bike and discover the scenery around where I live as I never really did that. Oh, and of course I have to watch Formula 1 haha
What are u guys up to this weekend?