Bagels & Cheesecake

Chicken Bagel, Blueberry Cheese cake and blueberry smoothie @ Mac Café
So today my sis and I went shopping and I definitely consider myself successful haha Hannover is actually quite a cool place to spend your cash. Pictured above is what we ate at Mac Café, I love Bagels and Blueberries :-)
So I bought myself a new foundation and THE MOST AMAZING lipstick of all times, I know for a fact this one will become my all time favourite. It's limited edition though so I am thinking of buying some more!
I also got some fancy pants from Zara and H&M, as well as a new watch and bag from Primark, a babypink sweater from Mango (already have dozens of outfits in my mind!) and some superfabulous shoes (H&M as well). I don't know if I will post all the things I've bought as you are already about to see some of it in tomorrows outfit post. Might dedicate an entire post to the lipstick though, I just love it too much. Right now I wear it on my lips, dressed in my pyjamas haha
Hope y'all had a great Saturday as well. Gosh those weekends pass by way to quickly!
Love and Happiness, V.


  1. Great post... good to see that you had fun shopping and cannot wait for your pics with your lipstick... why not a pic with your lipstick + pyjama... :)

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    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin

  2. i looove youre blog, love love love. ♥
    ich mag ihn wirklich total!

    gegenseitiges verfolgen? :*


    1. Gerne :-)
      Hast gerade meinen neuesten Post verpasst ^^
      Dein Blog is wirklich süß!

      xoxo V.